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Daily Archives: May 1, 2023

Beginner’s guide to extracting data from PDFs

Media Hack, Laura Grant: “Journalists get lots of data in PDF format — they can be tables of data that are embedded in reports or spreadsheets that have been thoughtfully saved as PDFs before they’re emailed to you — but until you can get that data into a spreadsheet, there’s not much you can do with it. Luckily, there are a few great tools that can liberate your data quickly and relatively easily. I’ve listed some of the ones that I’ve used most often here, but there are no doubt loads more out there.”

New Tool Shows if Your Car Might Be Tracking You, Selling Your Data

Vice: “A new tool that is free to use for consumers aims to better inform people about the types of data their particular car manufacturer might be collecting and sharing about their identity and driving patterns. The Vehicle Privacy Report tool, made by automotive privacy company Privacy4Cars, is based on a manual and automatic analysis… Continue Reading

AI Tools for Lawyers: A Practical Guide

Schwarcz, Daniel B. and Choi, Jonathan H., AI Tools for Lawyers: A Practical Guide (March 29, 2023). Available at SSRN: or “This Article provides lawyers and law students with practical and specific guidance on how to effectively use AI large language models (LLMs), like GPT-4, Bing Chat, and Bard, in legal research and… Continue Reading

Twitter’s Killer App: Real-Time Search. Anyone can search the past, but only Twitter can unearth the present

Every: “Real-time search. Google doesn’t have it. Neither does ChatGPT. Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook probably wish they had it, but they don’t. Twitter, Silicon Valley’s favorite shitshow, is the only one with this power. And for some inexplicable reason, it’s not doing anything with it. Twitter has a tremendous amount of live, real-time data… Continue Reading

FDIC’s proposal for deposit reform is narrow and uninspiring—and it just might work

Quartz: “The bank regulator wants Congress to lift the deposit insurance cap for business payroll accounts. When it comes to deposit insurance rules, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) only wants the US Congress to change what it absolutely must. In a new report issued in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s failure, the banking regulator… Continue Reading

Upgrade Your Browser With a ChatGPT Sidebar

Lifehacker: “Microsoft Edge, and only Microsoft Edge, employs artificial intelligence as your browser co-pilot, thanks to the integrated Bing sidebar. But nothing is stopping you, or clever developers, from adding a ChatGPT sidebar to any Chrome-based browser—a tool that will help you generate summaries, ask research questions, find similar pages, and more. The ChitChat ChatGPT… Continue Reading

China Locks Information on the Country Inside a Black Box

WSJ – Restrictions on Wind database and other information channels add to campaign to curb foreign influence: “China’s party-state, long steeped in secrecy, is creating a black box around information on the world’s second-largest economy, alarming global businesses and investors. Prodded by President Xi Jinping’s emphasis on national security, authorities in recent months have restricted… Continue Reading

Prompt Engineer

Forbes: “A new career is emerging with the spread of generative AI applications like ChatGPT: prompt engineering, the art (not science) of crafting effective instructions for AI models. “In ten years, half of the world’s jobs will be in prompt engineering,” declared Robin Li, cofounder and CEO of Chinese AI giant, Baidu. “And those who… Continue Reading

The Paper Shortage and its Effects on Mail

USPS OIG Demand for graphic paper — the type of paper most frequently used in mail — had been steadily declining until the COVID-19 pandemic, when both demand and subsequent production plummeted sharply. There were several reasons for the graphic paper shortage, including changes in paper production, price increases in paper-making materials, and disruptions in… Continue Reading