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CISA Toolkit Encouraging Americans to Keep Themselves and Families Safe Online

“The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) today announced the launch of  “Secure Our World,” a nationwide cybersecurity public awareness campaign to educate all Americans on how to stay safe online. The campaign includes a public service announcement (PSA) that will air on stations around the country, as well as digital content, a toolkit, and other resources. Recognizing that technology is an integral part of our modern lives, Congress tasked CISA with creating this program to provide small businesses, communities, and individuals with the guidance and tools they need to protect themselves online.  The Secure Our World program is focused on four simple steps everyone can take to stay safe online:

  • Strong passwords: Use passwords that are long, random, and unique to each account, and use a password manager to generate them and to save them.
  • Multifactor authentication: Use MFA for all accounts that offer it. We need more than a password to protect our most important data, including email, financial accounts, and social media.
  • Recognize and report phishing: Think before you click! Be cautious of unsolicited emails, texts, or calls asking you for personal information. Resist the urge to click on these links and don’t click on links or open attachments from unknown sources.
  • Update software. Enable automatic updates on software so the latest security patches keep our devices continuously protected.
  • Everyone can take steps today to Secure Our World. Follow us throughout October during Cybersecurity Awareness Month for extended coverage of the program. Visit to access our free cybersecurity resources and tips.”

Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool

Council on Environmental Quality: “Explore the map – Census tracts that are overburdened and underserved are highlighted as being disadvantaged on the map. Federally Recognized Tribes, including Alaska Native Villages, are also considered disadvantaged communities. Zooming in and selecting shows information about each census tract.”  Search for an address, city, state or zipcode. Continue Reading

CDC punts on COVID 19 Public Health Data

CDC archives and ends the site Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19 [why as the virus and deaths continue?] – and replaces it with this: “Welcome to CDC WONDER — Wide-ranging ONline Data for Epidemiologic Research — an easy-to-use, menu-driven system that makes the information resources of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) available… Continue Reading

USPTO new cloud-based trademark search system with basic and advanced search options

“As we recently noted, we are improving our search tools frequently used by patent and trademark filers and web visitors to provide a more multi-faceted, reliable search experience. To that end, we are excited to announce the launch of the beta version of our new trademark search system.    This new, cloud-based search system will replace… Continue Reading

Facility Level Information on Greenhouse Gases Tool

Via Jeremy Singer-Vine, Data is Plural: The EPA’s Facility Level Information on Greenhouse Gases Tool “gives you access to greenhouse gas data reported to EPA by large emitters, facilities that inject CO2 underground, and suppliers of products that result in GHG emissions when used in the United States.” The information comes from the agency’s Greenhouse… Continue Reading

UK Guide on the use of Generative AI

UK Gov: Guide on the use of Generative AI – “Overview – Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools offer many potential benefits to Government of Canada (GC) institutions. Federal institutions should explore potential uses of generative AI tools for supporting and improving their operations. However, because these tools are evolving, they should not be used in… Continue Reading

Building America’s Clean Energy Future

Energy.Gov Invest – “President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda has spurred a new industrial revolution in clean energy. This web resource provides an interactive map on how the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are leading to announcements of historic levels of private sector investments in the United States, bringing manufacturing back to America… Continue Reading

TEMPO – Nitrogen Dioxide Air Pollution Over North America

NASA: “The Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) instrument collected its “first light” measurements of nitrogen dioxide air pollution over North America on August 2, 2023. Beginning at 11:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time (8:15 AM Pacific Time), the instrument scanned the continent every hour for six consecutive hours. TEMPO measures sunlight reflected and scattered off… Continue Reading

California Wildfire + Landscape Resilience Interagency Treatment Dashboard

“As California works toward ambitious wildfire and landscape resilience goals, transparency and effective planning tools are critical to success. This beta version of the California Wildfire and Landscape Interagency Treatment Dashboard, for the first time ever in California, provides a single source for displaying recently completed (2022) forest and wildland projects from over a dozen… Continue Reading

Pentagon launches ‘one-stop shop’ for declassified info about UFOs

NBC News: The Defense Department on Thursday unveiled a website that’s intended to serve as a clearinghouse for declassified information about unidentified aerial phenomena. The site, which is being billed as a “one-stop shop” for publicly available records about UFOs, is expected to shed light on the work of an office Congress created last year… Continue Reading