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10 Destinations for African American History and Culture

National Geographic – The new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., is one of many significant sites across the country. “The new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., shines light not just on one group of Americans but a quintessential American experience. “The African American experience is the lens through which we understand what it is to be an American,” writes founding director Lonnie G. Bunch III. Never before has the opportunity to tell that story on a grand, national scale been so available. Despite initial funds provided in 1915 by black Civil War veterans and a signed Public Resolution from President Calvin Coolidge in 1929 establishing a commission to plan its construction, it wasn’t until legislation signed by then President George W. Bush in 2003 that the museum had the authorization it needed to be created on the National Mall. No matter how long it took to get here, the outpouring of response to the museum’s opening this month is proof positive that the demand for it remains strong. Now, for the first time, visitors will be able to explore more than 400 years of artifacts and historical information detailing the African American experience. It couldn’t have happened at a more interesting time. Racial tensions are high in the country. Black Lives Matter demonstrators clash against police brutality, athletes protest the national anthem, actors use awards ceremonies to raise awareness on stage, and parents—a generation removed from the civil rights marches of the sixties—wonder if the era is about to be relived. There is no question that this story is worth telling and little doubt that the NMAAHC is worthy of a visit, but travelers hoping to get in right away may be out of luck. Advanced timed passes for October, November, and December are no longer available, and only a limited number of same-day passes are distributed daily. Long before construction of NMAAHC, the story of the African American experience was told through smaller museums and monuments across the country. These 10 diverse destinations will help travelers connect with some themes to expect in NMAAHC exhibits until their trip to Washington, D.C…”

Attempting to Define the Human Right to Water with an Annotated Bibliography & Recommendations for Practitioners

Jootaek Lee and Maraya Best – 10 Georgetown Environmental Law Review Vol 1., Fall 2017. “This Article investigates research issues related to the right to water, attempts to define and narrow the scope of the human right to water, and suggests research methodologies. Specifically, this Article provides a definition of the human right to water and identifies the… Continue Reading

Executive Order on children separated in detention from parents is not a resolution

Axios: “President Trump has signed an executive order intended to end the child migration crisis he created, only five days after telling Fox News that he was powerless to use an executive order to fix it. The bottom line: Despite Trump’s deflections — that his administration was simply enforcing existing law, or that any change would… Continue Reading

Incarcerated Women and Girls 1990-2016

The Sentencing Project – Incarcerated Women and Girls, 1980-2016: “Over the past quarter century, there has been a profound change in the involvement of women within the criminal justice system. This is the result of more expansive law enforcement efforts, stiffer drug sentencing laws, and post-conviction barriers to reentry that uniquely affect women. The female… Continue Reading

Polarized Justice? Changing Patterns of Decision-Making in the Federal Courts

Kritzer, Herbert M., Polarized Justice? Changing Patterns of Decision-Making in the Federal Courts (May 5, 2018). University of Minnesota Law School, Working Papers, May 5, 2018. Available at SSRN: “This article examines the question of whether there has been a pattern of increasing partisan polarization in decisions by federal judges. After an initial section… Continue Reading

The June 12 Trump-Kim Jong-un Summit

Via The June 12 Trump-Kim Jong-un Summit – June 12, 2018 “On June 12, 2018, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met in Singapore to discuss North Korea’s nuclear program, building a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, and the future of U.S. relations with North Korea (known officially as the… Continue Reading

Rampant Pregnancy Discrimination in America’s Top Companies

Rampant Pregnancy Discrimination in America’s Top Companies  – “Throughout the workplace, pregnancy discrimination remains widespread. It can start as soon as a woman is showing and often lasts through her early years as a mother. The New York Times reviewed thousands of pages of court and public records and interviewed dozens of women, their lawyers… Continue Reading

Study finds strongest, most potent predictor of sexual harassment is essentially the culture of the company

HufffPo – “When sexual harassment happens, it’s easy ― and not wrong ― to blame individual perpetrators, i.e., the “bad men.” And over the past couple of years, lots of men have been fired, demoted, arrested and publicly shamed for various acts of sexual misconduct. But a major study from the National Academies of Sciences,… Continue Reading

Bringing Harassment Out of the History Books

American Libraries – Bringing Harassment Out of the History Books”>Bringing Harassment Out of the History Books “As stories of sexual misconduct continue to dominate the news, some alleged perpetrators bear household names (Kevin Spacey, Garrison Keillor, Harvey Weinstein, James Franco), and some don’t (Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle, NPR editor Michael Oreskes, Metropolitan Opera conductor… Continue Reading

The Face of Legal Technology in 2018

The Face of Legal Technology in 2018 (and What it Means for the Future of Access to Justice) By Kristen Sonday, Paladin Updated: May 8, 2018. “Introduction – In recent years, a curious paradox has emerged: There is far more legal technology being built than ever before, yet somehow, the access to justice (ATJ) gap… Continue Reading

Supreme Court’s conservative justices uphold Ohio’s voter purge system

Vox: “The US Supreme Court on Monday upheld Ohio’s system for purging voters from the rolls. The Court split 5-4 along partisan lines, with the five conservative-leaning justices, in a majority opinion by Justice Samuel Alito, upholding the system and the four liberal-leaning justices opposing it. The ruling focused in large part on technical interpretations… Continue Reading

Immigration Court Backlog Jumps While Case Processing Slows

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse: “The Immigration Court’s backlog keeps rising. As of the end of May 2018, the number of cases waiting decision reached an all-time high of 714,067. This compares with a court backlog of 542,411 cases at the end of January 2017 when President Trump assumed office. During his term the backlog has… Continue Reading