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Descrybe.AI On A Mission To Democratize Legal Research

Artificial Lawyer: “In this week’s AL TV Product Walk Through we take a tour of a free genAI-powered legal research tool built by Richard DiBona and Kara Peterson, a husband and wife team who share an interest in technology, the law, and the democratization of information. By April 2024 they already had over 3 million judicial opinions from across the United States summarized and searchable. The aim is to have all available state supreme and appellate plus federal district, appellate, and supreme court cases loaded and searchable. DiBona brings deep experience in using emerging technology to solve complex problems, while Peterson is a communications expert with a special focus on social justice…”

Making sense of rumors about the Trump assassination attempt

2024 U.S. ELECTIONS RAPID RESEARCH BLOG This is part of an ongoing series of rapid research blog posts and rapid research analysis about the 2024 U.S. elections from the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public. Key Takeaways After the assassination attempt on presidential candidate Donald Trump, people converged online to make sense of available… Continue Reading

Global Guidelines for Countering Antisemitism

U.S. Department of State -“Concerned states, special envoys, national coordinators, and representatives tasked by their governments to counter antisemitism, in cooperation with international bodies, offer the following best practices, which have proven to be effective guidelines in formulating public policy. These legally non-binding guidelines, adopted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, include policies to monitor and combat… Continue Reading

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Visits Had Dozens of Potential Threats, Secret Service Docs Show

Bloomberg: Jason Leopold July 17, 2024 [also read via Twitter Thread] “Long before the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump on Saturday, I spent years looking into the way the Secret Service responded to threats against its protectees. In 2022, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the agency for records of… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Large Language Models, and Law

Surden, Harry, ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Large Language Models, and Law (March 31, 2024). Fordham Law Review, Vol. 92, 2024, Available at SSRN:  – “This Article explores Artificial Intelligence (AI) Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT/GPT-4, detailing the advances and challenges in applying AI to law. It first explains how these AI technologies work… Continue Reading

The Donald Trump Interview Transcript

Bloomberg – Full text, fact-checked – unpaywalled – “Bloomberg Businessweek interviewed former US President Donald Trump at his golf club, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, on June 25, two days before the first 2024 presidential debate and about two weeks before a failed assassination attempt. In a discussion focused on business and the global economy,… Continue Reading

Governing in the Age of AI: A New Model to Transform the State

Governing in the Age of AI: A New Model to Transform the State is a joint report by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and Faculty.”…In this report, we describe an AI-enabled model of government in which every citizen has their own digital public assistant to help manage their relationship with the government, freeing… Continue Reading

Answers – What’s Project 2025?

Unpacking the Pro-Trump Plan to Overhaul US Government “…The Forces Behind Project 2025 – Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts launched Project 2025 in April 2022, a few months before Trump officially announced his reelection campaign. Since then, the number of groups backing the initiative has grown. As of now, Project 2025’s advisory board and so-called… Continue Reading

Follow the Crypto

“The cryptocurrency industry has been throwing money into politics unlike ever before, and that’s even after political donations from the industry skyrocketed in the 2022 election cycle. Despite the relatively small size of the industry, it has become one of the biggest spenders in the upcoming elections in the United States. Cryptocurrency companies have raised… Continue Reading

Goodbye to Special Counsel Investigations of Incumbent Presidents

LawFare: “The Supreme Court’s decision in Trump v. United States will remain the subject of intense debate and disagreement for decades to come. The arguments will understandably focus on the precise issue that was before the Court: the immunity that a former president may enjoy from criminal indictment or prosecution. However, with considerable consequence, and… Continue Reading

2024 Presidential Nominating Process: Frequently Asked Questions

CRS Report – 2024 Presidential Nominating Process: Frequently Asked Questions. July 9, 2024: The presidential nominating process is one of the most complex aspects of American politics. This report provides brief answers to selected frequently asked questions about that process in 2024. In some cases, the topics addressed herein are developing rapidly and are subject… Continue Reading

Pharmacy Benefit Managers – Middlemen Inflating Drug Costs, Squeezing Main Street Pharmacies

StatNews: FTC report finds PBMs profit at the expense of patients and independent pharmacies Pharmacy Benefit Managers: The Powerful Middlemen Inflating Drug Costs and Squeezing Main Street Pharmacies Interim Staff Report July 2024 U.S. Federal Trade Commission Office of Policy Planning. Continue Reading