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US News – Is America Great Again? Data Say No

Three years of Best Countries survey results show an unmistakable trend that should alarm Americans.

“Among the many things that helped define the 2016 U.S. presidential election, one slogan still rings strong: “Make America Great Again.” The Donald Trump campaign set out to regain the status that the United States had supposedly lost because of the Obama administration. How did Trump fare in making America great again? In the eyes of the world, we certainly are going in the wrong direction. Say what you will about President Trump, one thing was true: At the end of 2015, there was room for America to be better perceived. To be clear, the U.S. is and always has been a great country, but there are some areas in which it could have improved vis-à-vis the rest of the world. According to the U.S. News, WPP, and Wharton Best Countries study, which ranks 80 countries by polling more than 21,000 people around the world – the U.S. was ranked the fourth best country in the world in 2016. This ranking is based on perceptions – how the world views the U.S. relative to other countries based on 75 metrics weighted by their correlation with gross domestic product per capita. In the 2016 survey, the U.S. was ranked only the 13th most economically stable country in the world and ranked 33rd in terms of how much people wanted to invest in it. At that time, it was ranked ninth for gender equality, 20th for open travel policies, and 16th in environmental policies. The vitriolic presidential campaign of 2016 further hurt the country’s reputation. A second wave of our survey (the 2017 rankings) taken immediately after the election showed that the election and its result affected not just internal American perceptions, but also views from abroad. Its political stability ranking dropped from 11th to 21st and its trustworthiness ranking dropped from 17th to 23rd.”

BRASS reveals Outstanding Business Reference Sources list

‘Each year, the Business Reference Sources Committee of BRASS selects the outstanding business reference sources published since May of the previous year. This year, the committee reviewed nine entries; of these, two were designated as “Outstanding,” six as “Notable,” and one as a “Notable New Edition.” To qualify for these designations, each title must meet… Continue Reading

2018 Better Money Habits Millennial Report

Bank of America Survey – “When you hear the word “millennial,” it may call to mind some stereotypes: they are self-absorbed, foolish with money, not long-term planners or still dependent on their parents. But do these stereotypes hold up? That’s what we set out to find in the fifth edition of our Better Money Habits… Continue Reading

Public Sees Better Year Ahead; Democrats Sharpen Focus on Midterm Elections

Pew – Control of Congress a bigger voting factor than in recent midterms – “A majority of Americans say 2018 will be a better year than 2017, a shift from a year ago when public expectations were far less positive. The change has been driven almost entirely by Democrats, who are more likely than Republicans… Continue Reading

Trump’s Economic Scorecard: One Year Since Inauguration

Forbes: “President Trump inherited an economy that was on a good trajectory with solid job growth and low unemployment. Trump’s own mark on the economy will be based on the long-term impact of his new tax laws. The biggest economic questions going forward are how much growth will tax reform generate, and what will Trump do with… Continue Reading

U.S. Welfare Reform Efforts Have Been Based on an Availability of Work that Doesn’t Always Exist

“Hilary W. Hoynes, an NBER research associate and professor of economics and public policy at the University of California, Berkeley, specializes in the study of poverty, food and nutrition programs, and the impacts of government tax and transfer programs on low income families. In this video, she outlines successes and failures of federal efforts to… Continue Reading

“focus not on the frequency of correctness, but on the magnitude of correctness.”

Farnam Street – “All decisions involve potential tradeoffs and opportunity costs. The question is, how can we make the best possible choices when the factors involved are often so complicated and confusing? How can we determine which statistics and metrics are worth paying attention to? How do we think about averages? Expected value is one… Continue Reading

Research Report: Constellation’s Futurist Framework (PESTEL)

“The World Economic Forum (WEF) kicks off January 23rd to 26th in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. This year’s theme is about “Creating a Shared Future In A Fractured World”. From the program notes for this year’s event, WEF sees the following: At the close of the 20th century, the presumption was that greater economic interdependence among countries,… Continue Reading

Report – Majority of Americans Believe Govt Does Bad Job Fighting Corruption

“The US faces a wide range of domestic challenges related to the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, which is Transparency International’s definition of corruption. Key issues include the influence of wealthy individuals over government; “pay to play” politics and the revolving doors between elected government office, for-profit companies, and professional associations; and the abuse… Continue Reading

McKinsey – Organizing for the age of urgency

To compete at the speed of digital, you need to unleash your strategy, your structure, and your people:  “…In this article, we’ll share these emerging elements of the organization of the future. While there is no set formula for success, we’ve seen versions of these elements at so many companies that we think they provide… Continue Reading

8 challenges for open government posed by emerging technology

Sunlight Foundation: 8 challenges for open government posed by emerging technology – “As 2018 begins, the big tent of open government holds both promise and peril, as nationalism, populism, low trust in institutions, and voter anger and apathy put years of gains at risk. We continue to see meaningful ways for better laws and policies to enable… Continue Reading

AGA-Grant Thornton Survey Shows Government CFOs Navigating Disruption

“A new survey of federal chief financial officers (CFOs) conducted by AGA and Grant Thornton, titled Navigating Disruption, reports that CFOs are finding both challenges and opportunities related to the implementation of the White House executive order for reorganization of the Executive Branch and other management initiatives. The 22nd annual AGA-Grant Thornton CFO survey, released today… Continue Reading