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Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, December 26, 2021

Via LLRXPete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, December 26, 2021 – Privacy and security issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis  Pete Weiss highlights articles and information that focus on the increasingly complex and wide ranging ways technology is used to compromise and diminish our privacy and security, often without our situational awareness. Four highlights from this week: These 6 tips will help you spot misinformation online; Synthetic identity fraud: What is it, and why is it harmful?; Trafficking and Money Laundering: Strategies Used by Criminal Groups and Terrorists and Federal Efforts to Combat Them; Cyber insurance trends; and Verizon wants your browsing history so bad, it created a new program and opted you in.

White House AI Initiative Launches Public Research Support Tools

Route Fifty: “A new section of resources intended for artificial intelligence researchers was launched last Friday by the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office, with a goal of providing easy access to data sets and testbed environments for AI application training. The AI Researchers Portal—a program within the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy—is the… Continue Reading

Nature’s 10 Ten people who helped shape science in 2021

“An Omicron investigator, a Mars explorer and an AI ethics pioneer are some of the people behind the year’s big research stories. The Nature’s 10 list explores key developments in science this year and some of the people who played important parts in these milestones. Along with their colleagues, these individuals helped to make amazing… Continue Reading

Global Foresight 2022

“Welcome to the inaugural edition of a new annual report from the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, home for the last decade to one of the world’s premier strategic foresight shops. In this year’s installment, which is part of the Atlantic Council Strategy Papers series, Mathew Burrows and Anca Agachi identify ten… Continue Reading

Lynx: A knowledge-based AI service platform for content processing, enrichment and analysis for the legal domain

Science Direct (paywall) Julián Moreno Schneider, Georg Rehm, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel, Pascual Boil Ballesteros. Available online 6 December 2021 “The EU-funded project Lynx focuses on the creation of a knowledge graph for the legal domain (Legal Knowledge Graph, LKG) and its use for the semantic processing, analysis and enrichment of documents from the legal… Continue Reading

Legal Information Retrieval systems: State-of-the-art and open issues

Science Direct [paywall]. Carlo Sansone, Giancarlo Sperlí. Available online 6 December 2021. Legal Information Retrieval systems: State-of-the-art and open issues – “In the last years, the legal domain has been revolutionized by the use of Information and Communication Technologies, producing large amount of digital information. Legal practitioners’ needs, then, in browsing these repositories has required… Continue Reading

5 tech trends that will impact businesses well beyond 2022

Tech Republic: “Understanding the impact of technology on businesses and society at large is hard. This year’s annual Thoughtworks Looking Glass report attempts to put a broad range of technologies into perspective so business leaders can get an idea of where tech is taking them.  The report takes a holistic approach to analyzing the impact… Continue Reading

DC Attorney General Introduces Legislation to Stop Algorithmic Discrimination

EPIC: “[On December 9, 2021] District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine introduced landmark legislation to strengthen civil rights protections for DC residents and prohibit companies and institutions from using algorithms that produce biased or discriminatory results and lock individuals, especially members of vulnerable communities, out of critical opportunities, like jobs and housing. “At… Continue Reading

Law as Code: 
Introducing AustLII’s DataLex AI

Mowbray, Andrew and Greenleaf, Graham and Chung, Philip, Law as Code: 
Introducing AustLII’s DataLex AI (November 16, 2021). Available at SSRN: or “AustLII, as a provider of free access to legal information, has a distinctive approach to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) which is called ‘DataLex’. This article introduces that approach, and… Continue Reading