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A law banning plastic packaging for some fruits and vegetables in France went into effect on Jan. 1

Why not in America? “Thirty types of fruits and vegetables – including cucumbers, carrots, apples, and bananas – will no longer be allowed to be wrapped in plastic, with only packages of over 1.5kg receiving exemptions. Chopped or processed fruits will also be exempted, and providers of some fruits, like raspberries or cherry tomatoes, will get more time to find a plastic alternative for packaging. All plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables will be phased out in France by 2026.”

The Year in Cheer 192 ways the world got better in 2021

Reasons to Be Cheerful – This is a wonderful read not least because amidst the upheavals of life in the time of COVID, individuals and groups around the world have chosen, in a myriad of ways to create change in innovative and impactful ways that benefits the lives of millions around the world. A sustainable… Continue Reading

Food Storage A-Z

This site, Love food Hate Waste, “aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and help us take action. It shows that by doing some easy practical everyday things in the home we can all waste less food, which will ultimately benefit our purses and the environment too.” It is sponsored by… Continue Reading

Who Owns a Recipe? A Plagiarism Claim Has Cookbook Authors Asking.

The New York Times: “U.S. copyright law protects all kinds of creative material, but recipe creators are mostly powerless in an age and a business that are all about sharing…U.S. copyright law seeks to protect “original works of authorship” by barring unauthorized copying of all kinds of creative material: sheet music, poetry, architectural works, paintings… Continue Reading

Recyclable vs compostable packaging

BBC News – Plastic pollution: New meat tray ‘could save tonnes of waste’ America’s Plastic Manufacturers – “Our Recycling System Needs a Refresh – We Can Recycle More Plastic Packaging. Lots More.” Plastic wrap – Biodegradable Compostable PLA Vegetable Packaging Bags – “Our compostable vegetable bags is a great alternative to regular plastic bags. These bags… Continue Reading

Next Big Things in Tech 2021

Fast Company: “Some of the world’s most intriguing innovations are so new that their full impact is yet to be felt. This is what we’re highlighting in the inaugural edition of Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech. The 65 honorees on our list, which includes global giants as well as intrepid startups, often harness… Continue Reading

Washington DC City Paper – The People Issue 2021

“Narrowing down the list of people to include in this issue is never easy, but this year the process was particularly tough, spanning multiple hours and multiple meetings. Was it because Washingtonians have suddenly become more interesting and taken on new, compelling challenges? Was it because we’ve paid more attention to those around us as… Continue Reading

Crunch at Ports May Mean Crisis for American Farms

The New York Times – “…Backlogs and cancellations are hitting growers as costs rise, profits slump and overseas customers shop elsewhere. A supply chain crisis for imports has grabbed national headlines and attracted the attention of the Biden administration, as shoppers fret about securing gifts in time for the holidays and as strong consumer demand… Continue Reading

How to Host Thanksgiving With Unvaccinated Friends and Family

The New York Times – We asked the experts for guidance on staying safe and keeping the peace. ..Start by calling your unvaccinated family members and soliciting their ideas on how to gather safely, said Daniel L. Shapiro, an associate professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School and the author of “Negotiating the Nonnegotiable: How… Continue Reading

Shop With Your Heart Grocery List

ASPCA: “Every food purchase is a chance to change our food system, no matter what you eat. We’ve made it easier than ever to Shop With Your Heart by searching for food made from plant-based ingredients or to find animal-products that have earned one or more recommended animal welfare certifications. Our search engine allows you to further… Continue Reading

Merriam Webster Adds 455 new words from ‘dad bod’ to ‘deplatform’

Among the 455 new words and definitions: “Oobleck, air fryer, whataboutism, FTW, and fourth trimester. Just as the language never stops evolving, the dictionary never stops expanding. New terms and new uses for existing terms are the constant in a living language, and our latest list brings together both new and likely familiar words that… Continue Reading