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These 4 Gmail speed boosters let you fly through your inbox

FastCompany: “In the life of a Very Busy Person, every saved second can seem like an eternity. It may sound silly, but if you find yourself running out of minutes in the day as often as I do, you probably know what I mean. Shaving seconds off time-consuming tasks can stack up fast, and there are few places more ripe for such step-slashing sorcery than your dusty old Gmail inbox. And here’s a little secret: With a handful of smart adjustments to your emailing habits, you can reclaim not only seconds but entire minutes of your day that are typically devoted to mind-numbing, meaningless email-oriented tasks. And you don’t even need a $30-a-month add-on to do it. Follow this guide to streamlining standard Gmail processes, and get ready to marvel at how quickly all of those saved seconds add up…”

You’re one of 125,698,496 people pwned in the LinkedIn Scraped Data data breach

“You signed up for notifications when your account was pwned in a data breach and unfortunately, it’s happened. Here’s what’s known about the breach: Education levels, Email addresses, Genders, Geographic locations, Job titles, Names, Social media profiles. During the first half of 2021, LinkedIn was targeted by attackers who scraped data from hundreds of millions… Continue Reading

Companies are hoarding personal data about you

Washington Post – Here’s how to get them to delete it [many caveats here…this may not be possible even in a limited manner] – “Companies are hoarding personal data about you. Here’s how to get them to delete it. Data deletion is complicated, and some companies mishandle requests. But it doesn’t hurt to ask…” Continue Reading

Stop Using the Same Password on Multiple Sites! No. Really

PCMag: “When you reuse passwords, a hacker can access multiple services, which might explain why many of our survey respondents have been victims of cybercrimes. If there’s anything we repeat constantly at PCMag, it’s the need for everyone to take cybersecurity seriously. And while that is arguably on the upswing, a large swath of the… Continue Reading

Americans have little trust in online security: AP-NORC poll

AP:  “Most Americans don’t believe their personal information is secure online and aren’t satisfied with the federal government’s efforts to protect it, according to a poll. The poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and MeriTalk shows that 64% of Americans say their social media activity is not very or not at… Continue Reading

The top keywords used in phishing email subject lines

TechRepublic: “…In recent months, hacking groups have brought critical aspects of U.S. infrastructure to a halt, and phishing is a popular tool in cybercriminal’s seemingly ever-expanding armamentarium of attack methods. On Wednesday, Expel released a report, highlighting the top keywords used in phishing attempt subject lines. Based on the findings, employees may need to be… Continue Reading

Gmail app takes calls now, too, because Google wants it to do everything

The Verge: “Google is announcing even more Workspace features today, part of an increased cadence of changes to the company’s office and communications software suite over the past year or so. Today’s announcement is a bit of a milestone, however. Although there is still the smattering of small and coming-soon updates, the bigger change is… Continue Reading

The Mysterious Figure Stealing Books Before Their Release

Vulture – The Spine Collector “For years, a mysterious figure has been stealing books before their release. Is it espionage? Revenge? Or a complete waste of time?,,,In the spectrum of cyberattacks, this one wasn’t very complex. There was no malicious software or actual hacking involved. Some of the earliest victims used Gmail accounts for work,… Continue Reading