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Upgrade Your Browser With a ChatGPT Sidebar

Lifehacker: “Microsoft Edge, and only Microsoft Edge, employs artificial intelligence as your browser co-pilot, thanks to the integrated Bing sidebar. But nothing is stopping you, or clever developers, from adding a ChatGPT sidebar to any Chrome-based browser—a tool that will help you generate summaries, ask research questions, find similar pages, and more. The ChitChat ChatGPT Sidebar extension is one such tool. The extension enables you to access ChatGPT features at any time, without leaving the site you’re currently visiting. You don’t need to copy and paste an article into ChatGPT to have the AI summarize it for you: ChitChat will summarize it from the article itself. You can ask for help writing an important email as you’re writing it, or request a series of similar websites to the one you’re currently browsing. Anything you use ChatGPT for already, ChitChat can help you do at any time. The extension lives in the bottom-right corner of your browser for easy access. You can also hit Command/Control + P to pull it up at any time, and, by default, it displays a popup bar when you highlight text. (You can disable Quick Lookup from Settings > Quick Lookup or turn off the sidebar icon from Sidebar > Sidebar Icon.)..”

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