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Dozens of House Democrats urge Alito to recuse himself from Jan. 6 cases

The Hill via MSN: “A group of House Democrats on Tuesday called on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to recuse himself from all future cases related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol or the 2020 presidential election. In a letter addressed to the conservative justice, 45 Democrats pointed to recent New York Times reporting of a photograph — taken less than two weeks after the Capitol attack in 2021 — that showed an upside-down American flag on display outside Alito’s home. At the time, this symbol was closely associated with the “Stop the Steal” movement, which tried to prevent the transfer of presidential power based on false claims of election fraud. Alito has said he had nothing to do with the upside-down flag and that his wife hung it amid a spat with neighbors.

Your own public statement attempts to pass responsibility to your wife, but you nonetheless acknowledge that it was a political statement in support of Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election,” they wrote in the letter.

Daily court transcripts – People v Trump Stormy Daniels payoff – /PeopleVs.DTrump-71543/transcripts/ [To Parent Directory] 5/13/2024 4:31 PM 2239131 4-22-2024.pdf 5/13/2024 4:34 PM 2488456 4-23-2024.pdf 5/13/2024 4:34 PM 3407978 4-25-2024.pdf 5/13/2024 4:34 PM 3453757 4-26-2024.pdf 5/13/2024 4:34 PM 3355432 4-30-2024.pdf 5/13/2024 4:34 PM 3540025 5-02-2024.pdf 5/13/2024 4:34 PM 3363923 5-03-2024.pdf 5/7/2024 10:30 PM <dir> 5-06-2024 5/9/2024 1:53 PM <dir> 5-07-2024 5/10/2024 8:22 PM <dir>… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Ideology and the Press

Jones, RonNell Andersen and West, Sonja, Supreme Court Ideology and the Press (March 15, 2024). University of Georgia School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2024-3, Available at SSRN: or  “Among the elected branches and the broader public, positivity toward the press skews deeply ideological. The data make clear that most liberals… Continue Reading

Would You Still Use Google if It Didn’t Pay Apple $20 Billion to Get on Your iPhone?

Wired [unpaywalled]- “A US judge who will decide Google’s fate in a historic antitrust trial suggested it was “odd” for the company to say it has the best search engine but also pay Apple billions to lock out rivals…Central to the government’s case against Google is the over $20 billion it says that Google pays… Continue Reading

Algorithmic Judicial Ethics

Swisher, Keith, Algorithmic Judicial Ethics (April 23, 2024). Wisconsin Law Review, Forthcoming 2024, Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper 24-19, Available at SSRN: or – “Judges have a brand new bag—an algorithmic accessory in criminal adjudication. It scores criminal defendants, aiming to inform judges which defendants are likely reoffenders or flight risks and which… Continue Reading

Landmark Google antitrust case set to wrap after long break

Courthouse News Service: “The trial, which has been on hold since November, centers on whether the tech giant holds a monopoly over internet search, and could result in Google selling off core parts of its business. After a six-month break, a federal judge will hear closing arguments starting Thursday in a landmark antitrust trial against… Continue Reading

Wyden, Markey Reveal Automakers Provide Detailed Location Information to Law Enforcement Without a Warrant

Washington, D.C. – “Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., requested the Federal Trade Commission investigate major automakers for breaking a pledge to protect their customers’ location data, in a letter to Chair Lina Khan sent today. The automakers had deceptively pledged that they would insist on warrants or other court orders before… Continue Reading

Major US newspapers sue OpenAI, Microsoft for copyright infringement

Axios: “Eight prominent U.S. newspapers owned by investment giant Alden Global Capital are suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement, in a complaint filed Tuesday in the Southern District of New York. Why it matters: On top of a similar case filed by the New York Times against both companies, the new suits add heft… Continue Reading

How ‘History and Tradition’ Rulings Are Changing American Law

The New York Times: “…The conservative justices applied the history-and-tradition test in three major rulings decided in the space of a week in June 2022. First, they struck down a New York restriction on gun ownership for being out of line with the nation’s “historical tradition” around regulating guns. Next, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s… Continue Reading

Deepfakes in the courtroom

Ars Technica: “US judicial panel debates new AI evidence rules Panel of eight judges confronts deep-faking AI tech that may undermine legal trials. On Friday, a federal judicial panel convened in Washington, DC, to discuss the challenges of policing AI-generated evidence in court trials, according to a Reuters report. The US Judicial Conference’s Advisory Committee… Continue Reading