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Nonverbal Overload: A Theoretical Argument for the Causes of Zoom Fatigue

Bailenson, J. N. (2021). Nonverbal Overload: A Theoretical Argument for the Causes of Zoom Fatigue. Technology, Mind, and Behavior, 2(1).

“For decades, scholars have predicted that videoconference technology will disrupt the practice of commuting daily to and from work and will change the way people socialize. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic forced a drastic increase in the number of videoconference meetings, and Zoom became the leading software package because it was free, robust, and easy to use. While the software has been an essential tool for productivity, learning, and social interaction, something about being on videoconference all day seems particularly exhausting, and the term “Zoom Fatigue” caught on quickly. In this article, I focus on nonverbal overload as a potential cause for fatigue, and provide four arguments outlining how various aspects of the current Zoom interface likely lead to psychological consequences. The arguments are based on academic theory and research, but also have yet to be directly tested in the context of Zoom, and require future experimentation to confirm. Instead of indicting the medium, my goal is to point out these design flaws to isolate research areas for social scientists and to suggest design improvements for technologists.”

Teaching Law Online: Yesterday and Today, But Tomorrow Never Knows

Nathenson, Ira Steven, Teaching Law Online: Yesterday and Today, But Tomorrow Never Knows (November 15, 2020). St. Louis University Law Journal, 2021 Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: or “Although the role of “online” in legal education has grown over the past several decades, online teaching became a lifeline in Spring 2020 when the COVID-19… Continue Reading

Classifying Litigation Documents by Type

Osgood, Gene, Classifying Litigation Documents by Type (November 6, 2020). Proceedings of the 4th Annual RELX Search Summit, Available at SSRN: “Law firms typically have large document repositories of litigation documents. Attorneys often want to locate litigation documents of a particular type, such as a motion to dismiss. Tagging each document with its type… Continue Reading

Access Denied: Federal Web Governance Under the Trump Administration

The Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI), February 2021: “The Trump administration pushed the boundaries of rules, guidelines, and norms in most areas of governance. Manipulating public information was a key tactic, which included dramatic and damaging changes to federal agency websites relating to environmental regulations. These changes led the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative… Continue Reading

The importance of technology competence when communicating electronically

Sui Generis – Nicole Black: “I’m sure that by now you’ve already seen the now infamous cat filter court hearing video. If not, Google it and watch it. I’ll wait. Now that you’re back, let’s talk about how you can avoid replicating that unfortunate predicament. The short answer? By maintaining technology competence when using electronic… Continue Reading

5 hidden Google gems you aren’t using yet

Fast Company, Doug Aamoth – “For a tool most of us use every day to find stuff on the web, Google has more than a few helpful tricks up its sleeve that aren’t super apparent unless you know where to look. Here are a few I’ve found recently that have saved me countless clicks, spared… Continue Reading

46,218 news transcripts show ideologically extreme politicians get more airtime

Via LLRX – 46,218 news transcripts show ideologically extreme politicians get more airtime – Professors Joshua Darr, Jeremey Padgett and Johanna Dunaway research how changes in the media have shifted the incentives of elected officials and the considerations of voters, and what that means for American democracy. In recent work, they showed that extremely conservative… Continue Reading

Black and Hispanic people more ‘engaged’ with books than most Americans

Via LLRX – Black and Hispanic people more ‘engaged’ with books than most Americans are: New report from Panorama Project – David H. Rothman, cofounder of, discusses the new Panorama Project report that covers a variety of topics, ranging from piracy to synergies between books and other media. Specifically significant to Rothman is the… Continue Reading

A guide to the identities and language of the far right

Poynter, James Stout:  “Journalists have had to cover the difference between white nationalism and western chauvinism in the last few months, with some confusion…Many of my colleagues more used to dissecting the differences between two parties that share a narrow neoliberal consensus have been, through no choice of their own, forced to cover the difference… Continue Reading

DaVinci Globe Earliest to Show the Americas

Leonardo Depicted America: Misread as the Moon. Advances in Historical Studies, 8, 139-147. “Leonardo da Vinci must have been aware that Columbus discovered new territories in the West. Until now, no material evidence had been found to substantiate this assumption. Here we show that Leonardo not only read Amerigo Vespucci’s letter (derived from a painted… Continue Reading

Flim, an Intelligent Movie Screenshot Search Engine “Flim is a movie search engine currently in beta that returns screenshots from movies based on keywords like “clock” or “tree”…You can filter results by things like genre, year, and film ratio. You can search by color and within movies, e.g. “tuxedo” in Titanic..” Flim is the answer to the statement: images are everywhere:… Continue Reading