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Italian government launches high school program to educate about fake news

GOOD: “…Starting later this month, the Italian government will be rolling out a program to 8,000 high schools across the country that teaches students how to deal with fake news. In addition to training students how to identify fabricated stories, Italian journalists from national broadcaster RAI will also contribute to lessons on how not to disseminate fake news and conspiracy theories, how to demand evidence from those sharing questionable sources, and to always remember things on the web can be manipulated. Italian officials hope the lesson plans will serve as a defense against fabricated information that can be weaponized to sway elections and undermine democratic norms…”

Research Information Management: Defining RIM and the Library’s Role

Research Information Management: Defining RIM and the Library’s Role, by Rebecca Bryant, Anna Clements, Carol Feltes, David Groenewegen, Simon Huggard, Holly Mercer, Roxanne Missingham, Maliaca Oxnam, Anne Rauh, and John Wright. “Research information management (RIM) is the aggregation, curation, and utilization of information about research and is emerging as an area of increasing interest and… Continue Reading

Will Wikipedia exist in 20 years? Foundation Director discusses with Harvard Law Prof

Will Wikipedia exist in 20 years? (Video and Podcast) Featuring Katherine Maher, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, in conversation with Harvard Law School Professor Yochai Benkler. Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 12:00 pm Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Continue Reading

Research – Human attention affects facial expressions in domestic dogs

Human attention affects facial expressions in domestic dogs. Juliane Kaminski, Jennifer Hynds, Paul Morris & Bridget M. Waller. Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 12914 (2017). doi:10.1038/s41598-017-12781-x “Most mammalian species produce facial expressions. Historically, animal facial expressions have been considered inflexible and involuntary displays of emotional states rather than active attempts to communicate with others. In… Continue Reading

The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online

Pew Report, October 19, 2017– Experts are evenly split on whether the coming decade will see a reduction in false and misleading narratives online. Those forecasting improvement place their hopes in technological fixes and in societal solutions. Others think the dark side of human nature is aided more than stifled by technology…A Pew Research Center study… Continue Reading

A Matter of Space: Designing newsrooms for new digital practice

“…This​ ​paper,​ ​part​ ​of​ ​the​ ​American​ ​Press​ ​Institute’s​ ​​series​ ​of Strategy​ ​Studies​,​ ​is​ ​based​ ​on​ some 20 ​interviews​ ​with newsroom​ ​leaders​ ​and​ ​staff,​ ​site​ ​visits​, ​and​ ​reviews​ ​of​ ​research from​ ​leading​ ​architectural​ ​firms.​ It​ ​describes how a workplace redesign can express the unique culture and personality of a news organization. It tells the stories of… Continue Reading

Review of 5 free image compression tools

Search Engine Land, Tom Demers: “…As Kristine Schachinger points out in her excellent article on image optimization, resizing and compressing images can often be the easiest and highest-impact action for speeding up pages on your site. Schachinger does a great job of outlining image compression and resizing best practices, but once you know which images need… Continue Reading

Visualizing Diversity in U.S. Newsrooms

Center for Data Innovation: “Google News Lab, design firm Polygraph, and the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) have created a data visualization illustrating the changes in gender and racial diversity of newsrooms in the United States over time. The visualization uses data from ASNE and the American Community Survey to compare the differences between… Continue Reading

Google Scholar – Follow Related Research for Key Authors

Follow Related Research for Key Authors, October 13, 2017: “Scholar provides several ways to keep up with research in your area. You can set up keyword alerts, get recommendations related to your publications and follow your colleagues’ profiles. Today, we are adding another approach to stay up to date in areas of your interest. Now,… Continue Reading

Women are more concerned than men about gender discrimination in tech industry

Pew – “Women in the U.S. are substantially more likely than men to say gender discrimination is a major problem in the technology industry, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in July and August. The survey comes amid public debate about underrepresentation and treatment of women – as well as racial and ethnic… Continue Reading

Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

Gartner: “Artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, digital twins, event-thinking and continuous adaptive security create a foundation for the next generation of digital business models and ecosystems…” Continue Reading

OPM – Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Results 2017

“The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) continues to be a valuable tool for assessing the state of Federal workplaces. The workforce is the backbone of the government and employee opinions shared through the survey provide an essential catalyst to achieving effective government. This year more than 485,000 employees participated in the FEVS, showing their commitment… Continue Reading