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Zillow’s new AI-powered search helps shoppers find their ideal home 

Real Estate News: “Zillow is making it easier for home shoppers to find exactly what they want on the search portal — without all the clicks.  The company announced a new “natural language search” feature that is now live on the Zillow app for iOS users and will soon arrive on Android devices. The search feature allows shoppers to “ask” for specific types of properties, using the same kind of language they would use when talking to a person.  Zillow is the first major residential real estate marketplace to introduce AI-powered search for consumers.  Most home search portals, including Zillow, have typically required shoppers to enter a location and then select from a variety of filters — price, number of beds or bath, amenities and more — in order to get the results they want. With its new AI-enabled search bar, Zillow users can specify those details all at once, and include features that aren’t listed among the default filters, by typing something like “3-bedroom homes with a pool near a park” or “open house near me under $400,000.” Shoppers can also save their natural-language searches and turn on notifications to alert them when a new qualifying listing is posted.

Beyond easy-to-filter criteria like bedrooms and bathrooms, buyers are considering many other specific features that match their unique lifestyle,” said Jenny Arden, Zillow’s chief design officer, in a news release. “This new tool is a game changer for home shopping, because it helps shorten the sometimes long and stressful house-hunting process by creating an easy, more modern way to search, and it delivers relevant  search results in a simple, uncluttered way.”  With millions of unique visitors each month, the new feature is expected to have an impact on how people search for homes. It’s the latest example of companies using artificial intelligence on a consumer platform; other real estate and financial firms like Compass and LoanSnap have begun using AI to help with different aspects of the homebuying transaction, and the public launch of ChatGPT in December is likely to spur more real estate forays into natural language AI.

Better Browsing: 25 Hidden Tricks Inside Apple’s Safari Browser

PC Mag: “Safari is Apple’s default web browser on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, which means you may take it for granted. But have you delved into all of Safari’s features and settings? Standard options like Private browsing, Reader view, and downloading files are part of the package, but there are many more things you can… Continue Reading

How to Delete Your House’s Pictures From Sites Like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor

Lifehacker: “Our personal data shows up in so many public online spaces. But while there are ways to review and delete your data from social media profiles or even Google search, one place you may not think to check is your property’s listing on sites like Redfin, Zillow, or While it’s unlikely someone will… Continue Reading

Discover the world’s protected areas

“Protected Planet is the authoritative source of data on protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs). It exists due to the extensive efforts of governments and other stakeholders to map, monitor and report data on protected areas and OECMs. Through the Protected Planet website, users can explore the World Database on Protected Areas… Continue Reading

Websites Selling Abortion Pills Are Sharing Sensitive Data With Google

ProPublica – “Some sites selling abortion pills use technology that shares information with third parties like Google. Law enforcement can potentially use this data to prosecute people who end their pregnancies with medication. These third-party trackers, including a Google Analytics tool and advertising technologies, collect a host of details about users and feed them to… Continue Reading

scite Smart Citations

“scite is an award-winning platform for discovering and evaluating scientific articles via Smart Citations. Smart Citations allow users to see how a publication has been cited by providing the context of the citation and a classification describing whether it provides supporting or contrasting evidence for the cited claim. scite is a Brooklyn-based startup that helps… Continue Reading

How you could build a search that the fediverse would welcome

Anil Dash – “Mastodon and the fediverse are clearly taking off, bringing in millions of new users, and also organically inspiring a wave of technical innovation that dwarfs all of the efforts that the bribes and empty promises of the Web3 crypto bubble couldn’t touch. I’m even enjoying having settled into a relatively permanent new… Continue Reading

Open Syllabus Explorer

“Mapping the college curriculum across 7,292,573 syllabi. Open Syllabus is a non-profit research organization that collects and analyzes millions of syllabi to support novel teaching and learning applications. Open Syllabus helps instructors develop classes, libraries manage collections, and presses develop books. It supports students and lifelong learners in their exploration of topics and fields. It… Continue Reading

Google Translate gets offline translation for 33 more languages

Android Police: “Google Translate has become a powerful tool for people who need quick, on-point translations. If you have the smartphone app, you can download language packages to translate phrases completely offline, but it’s not available for all the languages Google Translate currently supports. Still, Google is making an active effort to not only support… Continue Reading

USITC Launches New Investigations Database System

“The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) today deployed the Investigations Database System (IDS), an innovative new data management tool that captures, manages, and displays USITC investigation-related information. Users are encouraged to visit the USITC website at to explore this new tool. A major new feature is the ability to conduct quick searches and… Continue Reading