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Spring 2024 Harvard Youth Poll

The Spring 2024 Harvard Youth Poll surveyed 2,010 young Americans between 18- and 29 years old nationwide, and was conducted between March 14-21, 2024. Top Issues – Inflation; Healthcare; Housing; Gun Violence – “A national poll released today by the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard Kennedy School indicates that among 18-to-29-year-olds nationwide, more than half of young Americans say they will definitely be voting in the Presidential election this Fall. But findings show that among those likely voters, levels of support varied significantly among different subgroups.. Since 2000, the Harvard Public Opinion Project (HPOP) has provided the most comprehensive look at young Americans’ political opinions and voting trends. It provides essential insight into the concerns of young Americans at a time when the nation is confronting numerous challenges both at home and abroad. President Kennedy once said, “It is a time for a new generation of leadership, to cope with new problems and new opportunities.” The IOP is preparing a new generation of political leaders to confront these very challenges and gain the ability to successfully lead in today’s complicated political landscape. Identifying areas of concern through the Harvard Youth Poll lets tomorrow’s political leaders get started on ideas, strategies, and solutions, and allows them to decide today what the next generation of political leadership needs to look like.”

Emily Dickinson’s Botanical Inspiration

The Marginalian – Stunning 19th-Century Flower Paintings by the Forgotten Artist and Poet Clarissa Munger Badger “To be a flower,” Emily Dickinson wrote in her prescient ode to the interconnectedness of nature, “is profound responsibility.” A passionate lifelong gardener, the poet had fallen under the spell of wildflowers while composing her astonishing herbarium as a… Continue Reading

The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Research in the Legal Profession

Biresaw, Samuel Maireg, The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Research in the Legal Profession (December 15, 2023). Upcoming in International Journal of Law and Society, Available at SSRN: – “Legal research is an indispensable skill for lawyers. It is always necessary for lawyers to engage in legal research in due course to solve various legal… Continue Reading

A database of useful biological numbers

“In BioNumbers we aim to enable you to find in one minute any useful molecular biology number that can be important for your research. BioNumbers currently attracts >3000 visitors a month from over 50 countries.  To cite BioNumbers please refer to: Milo et al. Nucl. Acids Res. (2010) 38 (suppl 1): D750-D753. When using a… Continue Reading

It’s the End of the Web as We Know It

The Atlantic [unpaywalled] – A great public resource is at risk of being destroyed. By Judith Donath and Bruce Schneier: “The web has become so interwoven with everyday life that it is easy to forget what an extraordinary accomplishment and treasure it is. In just a few decades, much of human knowledge has been collectively written… Continue Reading

Green’s Dictionary of Slang

“Green’s Dictionary of Slang is the largest historical dictionary of English slang. Written by Jonathon Green over 17 years from 1993, it reached the printed page in 2010 in a three-volume set containing nearly 100,000 entries supported by over 400,000 citations from c. AD 1000 to the present day. The main focus of the dictionary… Continue Reading

How to delete your search history

Proton VPN: “Your search history is a window into your inner life. Anyone with access to it knows what your hobbies and interests are, your sexual orientation and preferences, the things that worry you (for example your medical concerns), your political affiliations, your financial situation, and much more.  In this article, we’ll explore why it’s… Continue Reading

CENDI modernizes

To include updates on federal open science, public access, and scientific integrity efforts  – “CENDI, a volunteer membership organization of U.S. federal scientific and technical information (STI) managers, recently launched an updated version of its flagship STI federated search product, Key updates include a modernized look and feel, and centralized access to federal agency… Continue Reading

Follow Podcasts and Music feeds on the Fediverse

Podcast AP: “PodcastAP uses the API, the Mastodon API and a user’s subscription feeds imported via OPML to follow Podcast, Music and other feeds on the Fediverse. The feeds are bridged from the XML feed to the Podcast Index database to the Podcast Index Activity Pub bridge ( When a user logs in using… Continue Reading