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E INK debuts new design for their foldable e-note

Good E Reader: “E INK is very bullish about the digital note taking segment and so far, all we have seen is single screen devices. In order to change this paradigm, the E INK Tokyo RND lab has been labourhously refining their dual screen system. The early prototypes from early June 2020, did not have any working buttons, the foldable hinge did not work properly and there was no lightning system. This has all changed with the V2 model. The new iteration of the foldable e-note now features a dedicated housing unit, to protect the display, when it is completely folded shut. When you open it, it now has 3-4 new gears that work in conjunction with the hinge system, to make sure there is enough torque when opening and closing it. The Wacom later has been refined, which is making it easier to make notes, highlights and annotations in a PDF file or the dedicated note taking app. There are now five dedicated buttons on the right hand side of the device. You can turn pages of an ebook forward or back. You can access the home menu, more and settings. On the top of the device are two new lighting bars that are built into the chassis and can be folded down, to project light evenly across the screen. Current front-lit technology found on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or the Kobo Forma, do not have flexible screens, so E INK had to find a new solution…”

How to Be a Better Reader, With Librarian Margaret H. Willison

lifehacker: “This week we’re learning how to be better readers with help from librarian and podcaster Margaret H. Willison. Listen to hear Margaret break down how we should rethink our definitions of what a being a “good” or “well-read” reader means, and the tactics we can use to improve our own reading game—from taking advantage… Continue Reading

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore A Critical Reflection on Zoomification

Steininger, Silvia: Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore: A Critical Reflection on Zoomification, VerfBlog, 2020/8/04: “The massive consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are felt throughout the world, not the least in our daily work as scholars and practitioners. While the effect of the pandemic upon the political, legal, and economic systems have been widely… Continue Reading

Unmasking Misinformation

Chris Coward, EDxSnoIsleLibraries: “To make sense of the information streaming to and at us through media and social-media, we need to be able to detect and identify misinformation, misleading information, and disinformation. This talk shares key tools and practices we can learn that can help us navigate what can seem like a minefield of misinformation,… Continue Reading

World’s Biggest Landlord Buys World’s Biggest Genealogy Website

Gizmodo: “The Blackstone Group will buy a majority stake in the genealogy website in a deal worth $4.7 billion, according to a press release published Wednesday. Blackstone Group, a private equity firm, is the world’s largest landlord and Ancestry is the world’s largest genealogy website, with over 6 billion records on family history in… Continue Reading

Disinformation campaigns are murky blends of truth, lies and sincere beliefs – lessons from the pandemic

The Conversation: “The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned an infodemic, a vast and complicated mix of information, misinformation and disinformation. In this environment, false narratives – the virus was “planned,” that it originated as a bioweapon, that COVID-19 symptoms are caused by 5G wireless communications technology – have spread like wildfire across social media and other… Continue Reading

How search data can inform larger online business

SearchEngineLand: “Decision makers in their respective silos are generally unaware of the value in the data Google shares so it’s your job to disperse this knowledge across your organization. Sebastian Compagnucci – “As an SEO I’m constantly utilizing keyword search volume data to help make more informed decisions about clients’ online presence. But the reality… Continue Reading

Five high schoolers named National Student Poets

AP: Five high school juniors, residing everywhere from Lake Worth, Florida, to Saratoga, California, have been named National Student Poets. A partnership between the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the nonprofit Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the student poet program was launched in 2011, with winners contributing to community programs and and… Continue Reading

Libraries lend books, and must continue to lend books

Internet Archive responds to publishers’ lawsuit: “Yesterday, the Internet Archive filed our response to the lawsuit brought by four commercial publishers to end the practice of Controlled Digital Lending (CDL), the digital equivalent of traditional library lending. CDL is a respectful and secure way to bring the breadth of our library collections to digital learners.… Continue Reading

Libraries vs Bookstores? No, False dichotomy. They are different Animals

Brewster Kahle’s Blog – Internet Archive: “There is a recent written attack on libraries that I find odd and somewhat dangerous– libraries overlap too much with new-book bookstores. At first I thought it was trolling, but I now believe it is sincere. More worrisome is that anti-library lobbying is generally growing in strength but their attacks on… Continue Reading

Find a Member of Congress by Address on

In Custodia Legis: “In June, Margaret shared that we had added district maps to member profile pages on Each map on a member profile can be expanded to show a larger size version of the map. With today’s update to, we build upon the district maps by adding a new search box to help you… Continue Reading