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Here we go again: GPO wants to change Title 44

James A  Jacobs, July 15, 2017: “In case you missed it, in a simple announcement after the 2017 annual ALA meeting GPO Director Davita Vance-Cooks asked the Depository Library Council (DLC) to make recommendations for changes in Chapter 19 of Title 44 of the U.S. Code (Title 44 Modernization: Contribute Your Ideas, FDLP (June 27 2017). This is a big deal. Chapter 19 of Title 44 is the very core of the FDLP [Federal Depository Library Program]. It not only defines the FDLP but it is the only legal guarantee that the government will provide its information for free to the General Public. Changing the U.S. Code is a complex, lengthy, political process. The results of suggesting changes to the law are unpredictable. Even if you begin the process with clear, unambiguous, and lofty goals, the outcome can end with very, very bad unintended consequences. Unfortunately, we are beginning the process without clear, unambiguous, much less lofty, goals. GPO threw this curve ball out without expressing any reasons or goals, and with an extremely short timeframe for comments. That leaves it up to the government information community to respond and respond clearly to GPO. Is this something we want? Why? What will it accomplish? What are the potential unintended consequences and how do we avoid them?…” [Please read the entire post]

LC – Features of Parliamentary Websites

LC Global Legal Research Center – “In recent years, parliaments around the world have enhanced their websites in order to improve access to legislative information and other parliamentary resources. Innovative features allow constituents and researchers to locate and utilize detailed information on laws and lawmaking in various ways. These include tracking tools and alerts, apps,… Continue Reading

One of world’s largest atlases now digitized and available online via British Library

Watch the British Library Digitize One of the World’s Largest Books Watch how curators and imaging technicians photographed the Klencke Atlas, one of the world’s largest maps and a treasure of the British Library – YouTube King’s Topographical Collection Cataloguing and Digitisation – This project is cataloguing and digitising George III’s collection of around 30–40,000… Continue Reading

Stronger Together: Increasing Connections Between Academic and Public Libraries

Stronger Together: Increasing Connections Between Academic and Public Libraries, Maureen Richards, John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Collaborative Librarianship. Vol. 9: Iss. 2, Article 10. (2017) “Much has been written about collaborations between public and academic libraries. These collaborations generally take the form of joint libraries, special programs or consortia. They are motivated by the… Continue Reading

Paper – Distributed Persistent Identifiers System Design

Golodoniuc, P., Car, N.J. & Klump, J., (2017). Distributed Persistent Identifiers System Design. Data Science Journal. 16, p.34. DOI: “The need to identify both digital and physical objects is ubiquitous in our society. Past and present persistent identifier (PID) systems, of which there is a great variety in terms of technical and social implementation,… Continue Reading

Browser extension locates books and ebooks from your local library

Library Extension – “The #1 Browser Extension that lets you instantly see book and e-book availability from your local library. Easily see what titles are available at your local library as you browse for books! As you browse books and e-books, the Library Extension can check your library’s online catalog and display the availability of… Continue Reading

New York Public Library Photographic Views of New York City 1870s-1970s

OldNYC: “This site provides an alternative way of browsing the NYPL‘s incredible Photographic Views of New York City, 1870s-1970s collection. Its goal is to help you discover the history behind the places you see every day. And, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even discover something about New York’s rich past that you never knew before!… Continue Reading

ALA – Library Worklife Newsletter July 2017

“The July 2017 Library Worklife (LW) newsletter offers useful, easy-to-read articles for busy professionals about how to navigate the changing landscape of the work environment. Highlights include the following items: NEWS – New Career Development Resource Guide Just Published CAREER ADVANCEMENT – 3 eCourses to Improve Your Skills Starts Soon – 4 Reasons Recruiters Throw… Continue Reading

GPO’s beta website research update for July 2017

July 6, 2017 – Links to related bills on Congressional Record details pages, RSS notifications, link service “Highlights from this release include links from Congressional Record Details pages to related bills, a variety of enhancements based on feedback from users, thumbnails in search results, pagination for optimized browsing, in-context help information, new developer tools including… Continue Reading

Paper – Crowdsourcing E-Book Accessibility Information and Impact on Staff Development

Crowdsourcing E-Book Accessibility Information and the Impact on Staff Development. Victoria Dobson, Leeds Beckett University; Alistair McNaught, JISC. Insights: the UKSG journal. Vol. 30, No. 2 (July 2017) “For students with print impairments, e-books offer great potential to remove barriers to information. However, for various reasons, not all e-books are fully accessible. Significant variability exists… Continue Reading

Decline of textbooks in the digital world causes new challenges

The Conversation: “For decades, textbooks were seen as the foundation for instruction in American schools. These discipline-specific tomes were a fundamental part of the educational infrastructure, assigned to students for each subject and carried in heavy backpacks every day – from home to school and back again. The experience of students is much different today.… Continue Reading

LC Drawing Justice Gallery Talk on Legal Research

In Custodia Legis, Margaret Wood: “Last week, I had the honor to give a gallery talk on the Library of Congress exhibit, Drawing Justice: The Art of Courtroom Illustration.  As a co-curator for the exhibit, I had helped in doing legal research for information about the cases portrayed by the drawings in the exhibit.  At… Continue Reading