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Daily Archives: October 31, 2021

Rigged – An archive and podcast documenting the history of disinformation in America.

Rigged is an online archive and podcast documenting the history and evolution of disinformation in America, researched and curated by investigative journalist Amy Westervelt. Start here for a quick overview of the history of the PR industry, then use the navigation tabs above to dig into the techniques, spin masters, and industries that helped to evolve and grow America’s disinformation machine into the beast it is today. This site does not exist to replace or compete with any of the excellent archives or reporting that already exist—especially some of our personal favorites the UCSF Industry Documents, Climate Files , and Documented—but to highlight specifically how and why disinformation techniques were created, the people who perfected them, and how they were used across multiple industries to shape public opinion and policy. All documents sourced by other organizations, researchers, or reporters are appropriately credited. We are particularly grateful for the work of Melissa Aronczyk, Brooke Binkowski, Robert Brulle, Kert Davies, Ben Franta, Lisa Graves, Naomi Oreskes, Nick Surgey, Jason Stanley, Geoffrey Supran, and Dan Zegart…”

Library Cataloging, Classification, and Metadata Research: A Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations

Librarianship Studies and Information Technology: “A bibliography of doctoral dissertations and theses on Library Cataloging, Classification, and Metadata Research was published in the prestigious journal Cataloging & Classification Quarterly in 2020, which was followed by a supplement in 2021. The bibliography comprises research produced as doctoral dissertations and doctoral theses dealing with library cataloging, classification, and… Continue Reading

The What List Best Fiction 2021

“This year, as the world opened back up, we had less time to sit around savoring books. We raced through stacks even faster than usual and approached our list in a cutthroat manner brandishing a simple question: Would we give this book as a gift? If the answer was “No,” it was tossed into the… Continue Reading

How Facebook’s formula fostered rage and misinformation

Washington Post – “Five years ago, Facebook gave its users five new ways to react to a post in their news feed beyond the iconic “like” thumbs-up: “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad” and “angry.” Behind the scenes, Facebook programmed the algorithm that decides what people see in their news feeds to use the reaction emoji as… Continue Reading

The 5 best free speed test apps to check your internet and Wi-Fi network performance

Tech Republic: “In the remote work era, reliable Wi-Fi is a must. From testing network performance to locating nearby connectivity, these are five of the best Wi-Fi apps to consider. Both a speedy and stable internet connection and solid Wi-Fi network are crucial for households in the age of remote work and media streaming. Subpar… Continue Reading

So you’ve quit. Here are the tech tools that can help you land a new job.

Washington Post: “…Professional networking and job search services like LinkedIn, Indeed and ZipRecruiter can help workers find job openings as well as connect with hiring companies and decision-makers. Meanwhile, communication tools and review services like Slack, Glassdoor and Blind can help potential applicants communicate with industry or company workers to get the scoop from the… Continue Reading

Washington Post 3 Part Investigation on January 6 Insurrection

Before/Red Flags [As Trump propelled his supporters to Washington, law enforcement agencies failed to heed mounting warnings about violence on Jan. 6.”] – During [For 187 harrowing minutes, the president watched his supporters attack the Capitol — and resisted pleas to stop them] – After [Contagion – Threats and disinformation spread across the country in… Continue Reading

Judicial Financial Disclosures Database

Court Listener – From the Free Law Project: “Search and review the biggest database of judicial disclosures ever made. Every year, federal judges must complete lengthy documents listing any investments or other potential sources of conflict that they may have. By statute, these documents are available to the public for six years before they must… Continue Reading

Supreme Court set to hear arguments in two challenges to Texas law that bans most abortions

SCOTUS Blog – Supreme Court set to hear arguments in two challenges to Texas law that bans most abortions: “Two months ago, Texas put in place the most restrictive abortion law since the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade in 1973. The law, which prohibits almost all abortions in the state, has dramatically reduced access… Continue Reading