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So you’ve quit. Here are the tech tools that can help you land a new job.

Washington Post: “…Professional networking and job search services like LinkedIn, Indeed and ZipRecruiter can help workers find job openings as well as connect with hiring companies and decision-makers. Meanwhile, communication tools and review services like Slack, Glassdoor and Blind can help potential applicants communicate with industry or company workers to get the scoop from the inside. And more tailored apps — like Seasoned for restaurant workers and Snagajob or Instawork for hourly workers — can aid with finding jobs in specific industries. For workers who may want to develop a personal brand, website-building tools like Wix and Weebly, résumé builders and social media networks can help them gain some credibility…But the large job sites aren’t the only services seeing a massive rise in demand. Apps and services catering to specific industries like Seasoned — an app that connects workers and restaurants — and apps that are helping people learn about company culture — like Blind, a workplace chat app, and Glassdoor’s Fishbowl — are also experiencing a bump in activity…”

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