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Library Cataloging, Classification, and Metadata Research: A Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations

Librarianship Studies and Information Technology: “A bibliography of doctoral dissertations and theses on Library Cataloging, Classification, and Metadata Research was published in the prestigious journal Cataloging & Classification Quarterly in 2020, which was followed by a supplement in 2021. The bibliography comprises research produced as doctoral dissertations and doctoral theses dealing with library cataloging, classification, and metadata. An attempt has been made to cover all the aspects of these topics so as to match the coverage of this bibliography with the scope of the journal, Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Topics include but are not limited to: descriptive cataloging, classification and subject access, use and usability issues (related to bibliographic data, authority data, the catalog or other discovery platform), education and training for cataloging and classification, the internationalization of cataloging, the management of cataloging and related functions, the use of bibliographic or authority data by systems outside the OPAC, online retrieval, metadata standards, and cataloging related to specific materials or processes (such as digital resources, archives, special collections, maps and other cartographic and spatial materials, or preservation)…”

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