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Daily Archives: June 28, 2023

The Air Quality Index and how to use it, explained

Vox – 8 things you should know about the number that measures bad air: “It’s not enough to trust the senses to know when it’s a bad air day. Well before you can see or smell smoke, it can start wreaking havoc on the lungs. That haze you can see and smell on a particularly polluted day is made of ozone and fine particulate matter. Fine particulate matter, known as PM2.5 (the 2.5 microns describes its size, 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair) can embed in the cells of the lung and the bloodstream, aggravating inflammation, asthma, heart disease, and mental health. And ozone causes similar damage. In the stratosphere, ozone blocks ultraviolet radiation from the sun, but at ground level it can cause shortness of breath and damage to respiratory tissue. Both pollutants can affect the entire body in all stages of life: young and old, and even the developing fetus. They come from sources as varied as the tailpipe of a truck, your neighbor’s barbecue, coal plant, or an incinerator. PM2.5 is capable of traveling thousands of miles across the world on the wind — taking, for instance, about five days to reach the US from China. The dose makes the poison; there is a difference between moderately bad air and really bad air. Public health experts recommend monitoring changes in air quality as often as you check the weather. But you should also know some basic facts to help you determine your own sensitivity to air pollution and the appropriate action to take…”

AI and the Financial System – June 28, 2023

AI and the Financial System – June 28, 2023 – This column by Sabrina I. Pacifici highlights the fast paced impact of AI on many facets of the global financial system. The chronological links provided are to the primary sources, and as available, indicate links to alternate free versions. Each entry includes the publication name,… Continue Reading

How Often Do Health Insurers Say No to Patients?

ProPublica: “It’s one of the most crucial questions people have when deciding which health plan to choose: If my doctor orders a test or treatment, will my insurer refuse to pay for it? After all, an insurance company that routinely rejects recommended care could damage both your health and your finances. The question becomes ever… Continue Reading

Key Terms for AI Governance

Published: June 2023 – “The field of artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving across different sectors and disparate industries, leaving business, technology and government professionals without a common lexicon and shared understanding of terms and phrases used in AI governance. Even a search to define “artificial intelligence” returns a range of definitions and examples. From the… Continue Reading

How to Prepare Your Digital Life for Your Death

PCMag: “Here’s how to make things easier for your loved ones and designate legacy contacts on Google, Facebook, Apple, your password manager, and more. Everyone has a digital footprint that doesn’t expire when you do. Thankfully, more platforms are jumping on the grim reaper’s bandwagon, giving family, friends, and legal professionals access to your various… Continue Reading

Do Foundation Model Providers Comply with the Draft EU AI Act?

Stanford University Center for Research on Foundation Models, Rishi Bommasani and Kevin Klyman and Daniel Zhang and Percy Liang: “Foundation models like ChatGPT are transforming society with their remarkable capabilities, serious risks, rapid deployment, unprecedented adoption, and unending controversy. Simultaneously, the European Union (EU) is finalizing its AI Act as the world’s first comprehensive regulation… Continue Reading

How book bans threaten democracy

Vox: “A popular saying is that public libraries are the last bastion of true democracy.At the library, patrons aren’t really expected to pay for anything; they can use the library’s free services, from unlimited wifi to job application support; and, of course, the thousands of books libraries hold are available to anyone. But in recent… Continue Reading