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The greatest tech books of all time

The Verge: “We read. We debated. And we ended up with 40 works of nonfiction that recognized and defined the shape of technology. Technology craves a narrative but often has a short memory for history. As a publication that contributes to that — The Verge lives in the news cycle, after all — we wanted to praise the form of writing that lasts: the book. How else do we move forward if we can’t remember the past? So we set out with the audacious goal to define the best books about tech out there. We were less interested in works that are supposedly influential and more in ones that have endured, with ideas that are still relevant today, stories that have captured something essential about technology, and writing that’s made us stand up in our seats. These books don’t project a single vision of what tech is but continue to challenge what it can be. We imposed a few boundaries on ourselves: English-language titles only, books still in print, and no fiction (that could be a whole other list). If the modern tech landscape is defined by obsolescence, then we wanted to celebrate the books about it that have stood the test of time. Language is a technology — one of our oldest and most powerful.Here are our picks for the greatest tech books of all time.”

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