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Monthly Archives: April 2023

Mapping Attacks on LGBTQ Rights in U.S. State Legislatures

“In the last few years states have advanced a record number of bills that attack LGBTQ rights, especially transgender youth. The ACLU is tracking these attacks and working with our national network of affiliates to support LGBTQ people everywhere. While more states every year work to pass laws to protect LGBTQ people, state legislatures are… Continue Reading

Mapping IRS Tax Return Filings Reveals Marked Differences in the Distribution of Income and Dependents

“Most Americans filed their taxes recently, not only providing the federal government with funds needed to operate but also providing the IRS (and ultimately the public) with important data about the reported amounts and sources of income, their number of dependents, and other factors that shape the distribution of financial means across the country. In… Continue Reading

Why you shouldn’t tell AI chatbots your health concerns

Wshington Post: “Search bots have answers — but can you trust them with your questions? Since OpenAI, Microsoft and Google introduced AI chatbots, millions of people have experimented with a new way to search the internet: Engaging in a conversational back-and-forth with a model that regurgitates learnings from across the web. Given our tendency to… Continue Reading

New Twitter, Now With More Hate

USC Information Sciences Institute: “In an analysis of Twitter using natural language processing and AI techniques, researchers found that in the period of time since October 2022: Hateful users have become more hateful. Hate has increased overall. There has been no meaningful change in the quantity of bots. Computer scientist Keith Burghardt at the Information… Continue Reading

The Rule of Law

Sunstein, Cass R., The Rule of Law (March 30, 2023). Available at SSRN: or “The concept of the rule of law is invoked for purposes that are both numerous and diverse, and that concept is often said to overlap with, or to require, an assortment of other practices and ideals, including democracy, free… Continue Reading

The Purpose of Legal Education

Toussaint, Etienne, The Purpose of Legal Education (March 4, 2023). California Law Review, Vol. 111, No. 1, 2023, Available at SSRN: “When President Donald Trump launched an assault on diversity training, critical race theory, and The 1619 Project in September 2020 as “divisive, un-American propaganda,” many law students were presumably confused. After all, law… Continue Reading

Nearly a Year After Roe’s Demise, Americans’ Views of Abortion Access Increasingly Vary by Where They Live

Pew Report: Nearly a year after the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Dobbs ruling overturned the Roe v. Wade decision that had guaranteed a national right to abortion, overall public support for legal abortion remains largely unchanged. However, a growing share of Americans living in states where abortion is prohibited say abortions are hard to obtain in their… Continue Reading

GPT-3 Wrote an Entire Paper on Itself. Should Publishers be Concerned?

Via LLRX – GPT-3 Wrote an Entire Paper on Itself. Should Publishers be Concerned? In this article,  Saikiran Chandha, CEO and founder of SciSpace, discusses the impact of GPT-3 and related models on research, the potential question marks, and the steps that scholarly publishers can take to protect their interests. Continue Reading

Mifepristone is under scrutiny in the courts, but it has been used safely and effectively around the world for decades

Via LLRX – Mifepristone is under scrutiny in the courts, but it has been used safely and effectively around the world for decades – A flurry of court rulings in April 2023 has left the future of the abortion pill mifepristone in question. For now, a U.S. Supreme Court decision on April 21 allows the drug… Continue Reading

Role of chatGPT in Law: According to chatGPT

Biswas, Som, Role of chatGPT in Law: According to chatGPT (March 30, 2023). Available at SSRN: or “ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI that can provide support to paralegals and legal assistants in various tasks. Some of the uses of ChatGPT in the legal field include legal research, document generation, case… Continue Reading

How to Finally Use Google Authenticator Without Your Phone

Lifehacker: “Ever since it came out, Google Authenticator has been a popular choice for generating two-factor authentication codes on the fly. The service is reliable and secure, but has always had one glaring issue: the inability to sync authentication codes between devices, leaving you at risk of losing access to all of your 2FA accounts.… Continue Reading