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Why you shouldn’t tell AI chatbots your health concerns

Wshington Post: “Search bots have answers — but can you trust them with your questions? Since OpenAI, Microsoft and Google introduced AI chatbots, millions of people have experimented with a new way to search the internet: Engaging in a conversational back-and-forth with a model that regurgitates learnings from across the web. Given our tendency to turn to Google or WebMD with questions about our health, it’s inevitable we’ll ask ChatGPT, Bing and Bard, too. But these tools repeat some familiar privacy mistakes, experts say, as well as create new ones. “Consumers should view these tools with suspicion at least, since — like so many other popular technologies — they are all influenced by the forces of advertising and marketing,” said Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the digital rights advocacy group Center for Digital Democracy. Here’s what to know before you tell an AI chatbot your sensitive health information, or any other secrets…”

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