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Daily Archives: April 11, 2023

AI Now 2023 Landscape Report

AI Now Institute – Confronting Tech Power Report [103 pages PDF]: “This report highlights a set of approaches that, in concert, will collectively enable us to confront tech power. Some of these are bold policy reforms that underscore the need for bright-line rules and structural curbs. Others identify popular policy responses that, because they fail to meaningfully address power discrepancies, should be abandoned. Several aren’t in the traditional domain of policy at all, but acknowledge the importance of nonregulatory interventions such as collective action, worker organizing, and the role public policy can play in bolstering these efforts. We intend this report to provide strategic guidance to inform the work ahead of us, taking a bird’s eye view of the many levers we can use to shape the future trajectory of AI – and the tech industry behind it – to ensure that it is the public, not industry, that this technology serves….Artificial intelligence1 is captivating our attention, generating both fear and awe about what’s coming next. As increasingly dire prognoses about AI’s future trajectory take center stage in the headlines about generative AI, it’s time for regulators, and the public, to ensure that there is nothing about artificial intelligence (and the industry that powers it) that we need to accept as given. This watershed moment must also swiftly give way to action: to galvanize the considerable energy that has already accumulated over several years towards developing meaningful checks on the trajectory of AI technologies. This must start with confronting the concentration of power in the tech industry.”

The Ruling That Threatens the Future of Libraries

The Atlantic – Knowledge is too precious to be abandoned to the whims of the profit motive. “By collecting and digitizing such a huge collection of works and lending them out online, the Internet Archive is making an incredible social contribution. The way the nonprofit manages that archive, however, has earned the wrath of book… Continue Reading

Smithsonian Puts 4.5 Million High-Res Images Online and Into the Public Domain Making Them Free to Use

Open Culture: “That vast repository of American history that is the Smithsonian Institution evolved from an organization founded in 1816 called the Columbian Institute for the Promotion of Arts and Sciences. Its mandate, the collection and dissemination of useful knowledge, now sounds very much of the nineteenth century — but then, so does its name.… Continue Reading

An Initial Scholarly AI Taxonomy

An Initial Scholarly AI Taxonomy – Adam Hyde, John Chodacki and Paul Shannon. April 11, 2023. “Scholarly AI Taxonomy – To kickstart discussions on AI’s potential impact on publishing workflows, we present our initial categorization of the “Scholarly AI Taxonomy.” This taxonomy outlines seven key roles that AI could potentially play in a scholarly… Continue Reading

The Potential to Democratize Legal Knowledge and Power

Pearce, Russell G. and Lochan, Hema, Legal Education and Technology: The Potential to Democratize Legal Knowledge and Power (March 13, 2023). Latin American Law Review n.º 10 (2023): 63-79, Fordham Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 4387616, Available at SSRN: “The current technological transformation of legal education, including computer-based, interactive, and online modes of… Continue Reading

20 Percent of Americans Have Lost a Family Member to Gun Violence: Poll

Rolling Stone: “A majority of adults have personally experienced or have a family member who has experienced a gun-related incident. Gun violence is rampant in the United States, and a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation sheds light on the toll the nation’s addiction to firearms is taking on American families. The poll found… Continue Reading

Now live for all: Substack Notes

“Today we’re launching Notes to everyone. Notes is a new space where you can publish short-form posts and share ideas with other writers and readers on Substack. Try Notes – Notes helps writers’ and creators’ work travel through the Substack network for new readers to discover. You can share links, images, quick thoughts, and snippets from Substack… Continue Reading

Everything advertised on social media is overpriced junk

Schnadower Mustri, Eduardo and Adjerid, Idris and Acquisti, Alessandro, Behavioral Advertising and Consumer Welfare: An Empirical Investigation (March 23, 2023). Available at SSRN: or “The value that consumers derive from behavioral advertising has been more often posited than empirically demonstrated. The majority of empirical work on behavioral advertising has focused on estimating the… Continue Reading