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Daily Archives: March 2, 2023

Brave Search introduces the Summarizer, an AI tool for synthesized, relevant results

brave: “The Summarizer provides concise and to-the-point answers at the top of Brave Search results pages, in response to the user’s input, solely based on Web search results. Unlike a purely generative AI model, which is prone to spout unsubstantiated assertions, we trained our large language models (LLMs) to process multiple sources of information present on the Web. This produces a more concise, accurate answer, expressed in coherent language. In addition, the provenance of original sources of data is cited at all times via links. This maintains the rightful attribution of information, and helps users assess the trustworthiness of the sources, both of which are needed to mitigate the authority biases of large language models. The Brave Summarizer is available today for all users of Brave Search, on desktop and mobile. For users who would prefer not to use the Summarizer, they can easily turn it off by opting out in settings. Using Web results enables the Summarizer to provide real-time information that is up to date with today’s events. Given the current advancements in AI, it’s crucial to remind users that one should not believe everything an AI system produces, in much the same way one should not believe everything that is published on the Web. At the risk of stating the obvious, we should not suspend critical thinking for anything we consume, no matter how impressive the results of AI models can be. Besides the summary itself, our AI models are also able to replace the already query-dependent snippets (result descriptions) with a summarized version of those snippets, highlighting the answer when possible. This can be viewed as a summary of a single source (such as a press article), as opposed to the main summary where multiple sources are considered and aggregated to create a more comprehensive answer. The summary at the top of the results page and these special descriptions co-occur, so users will see the overarching summary as well as snippets with highlighted answers.

Unlike many others that have released similar features recently, we do not rely on third parties, nor do we limit access due to scalability concerns. The Brave Summarizer relies on our owned and operated models that are highly tuned to be as efficient as possible at inference time. Today, Brave Search processes daily peaks of 600 queries per second, which are then evaluated against our AI model. Although a summary is generated for about 17% of queries, we expect this number to grow in the near future as we scale our system. The Brave AI model is probably the largest such system in production to date, in that it receives more traffic than others in terms of queries per second, we apply the Summarizer to all queries, and Bing and Google have yet to open up their systems…”

Mechanisms and Impacts of Earth System Tipping Elements

Reviews of Geophysics, Volume 61, Issue 1. March 2023. Mechanisms and Impacts of Earth System Tipping Elements. Seaver Wang, Adrianna Foster, Elizabeth A. Lenz, John D. Kessler, Julienne C. Stroeve, Liana O. Anderson, Merritt Turetsky, Richard Betts, Sijia Zou, Wei Liu, William R. Boos, Zeke Hausfather. First published: 15 February 2023. [$ to read the… Continue Reading

Forecasting potential misuses of language models for disinformation campaigns and how to reduce risk

“OpenAI researchers collaborated with Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology and the Stanford Internet Observatory to investigate how large language models might be misused for disinformation purposes. The collaboration included an October 2021 workshop bringing together 30 disinformation researchers, machine learning experts, and policy analysts, and culminated in a co-authored report building on… Continue Reading

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces National Cybersecurity Strategy

Read the full strategy here – “Today, the Biden-Harris Administration released the National Cybersecurity Strategy to secure the full benefits of a safe and secure digital ecosystem for all Americans. In this decisive decade, the United States will reimagine cyberspace as a tool to achieve our goals in a way that reflects our values: economic security… Continue Reading

Microsoft unveils AI model that understands image content, solves visual puzzles

Ars Technica: “On [February 27, 2023], researchers from Microsoft introduced Kosmos-1, a multimodal model that can reportedly analyze images for content, solve visual puzzles, perform visual text recognition, pass visual IQ tests, and understand natural language instructions. The researchers believe multimodal AI—which integrates different modes of input such as text, audio, images, and video—is a… Continue Reading

How to use ChatGPT for keyword research (with actual prompts)

Search Engine Land: “Learn specific keyword research applications for ChatGPT, plus a framework for incorporating the tool into your SEO processes. “If you’ve used ChatGPT for any period of time for tasks like creating content for SEO, you’ve likely noticed a few things: It’s great and a major time-saver for some tasks. It’s much worse… Continue Reading

DOJ – Trump can be sued for Jan. 6 riot harm

AP: “Former President Donald Trump can be sued by injured Capitol Police officers and Democratic lawmakers over the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, the Justice Department said Thursday in a federal court case testing Trump’s legal vulnerability for his speech before the riot. In court papers, the Justice Department urged a federal… Continue Reading

ASPI’s Critical Technology Tracker – The global race for future power

“The Critical Technology Tracker is a large project that spans this report and a website. We encourage readers of the report to explore as the website contains an enormous amount of original data and analysis. We have also created a range of visual snapshots including one that outlines the lead country and technology monopoly… Continue Reading