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Daily Archives: March 1, 2023

Datasets at your fingertips in Google Search

Google Blog – Posted by Natasha Noy, Research Scientist, and Omar Benjelloun, Software Engineer, Google Research: “Access to datasets is critical to many of today’s endeavors across verticals and industries, whether scientific research, business analysis, or public policy. In the scientific community and throughout various levels of the public sector, reproducibility and transparency are essential for progress, so sharing data is vital. For one example, in the United States a recent new policy requires free and equitable access to outcomes of all federally funded research, including data and statistical information along with publications.To facilitate discovery of content with this level of statistical detail and better distill this information from across the web, Google now makes it easier to search for datasets. You can click on any of the top three results (see below) to get to the dataset page or you can explore further by clicking “More datasets.”

  • Dataset Search, a dedicated search engine for datasets, powers this feature and indexes more than 45 million datasets from more than 13,000 websites. Datasets cover many disciplines and topics, including government, scientific, and commercial datasets. Dataset Search shows users essential metadata about datasets and previews of the data where available. Users can then follow the links to the data repositories that host the datasets.”

The expanding role of technology in the law firm business model

Via LLRX – The expanding role of technology in the law firm business model – The premise of this article by COO and legal technologist Kenneth Jones is that individual capabilities and excellence (either legal or technical) standing alone are not enough to ensure long-term, sustainable success. No superstar technologist or lawyer is equipped to do… Continue Reading

Reducing Social Media Use Improves Appearance and Weight Esteem in Youth With Emotional Distress

Brief Report – American Psychological Association, Accepted January 4, 2023. Reducing Social Media Use Improves Appearance and Weight Esteem in Youth With Emotional Distress. Helen Thai1 , Christopher G. Davis, Wardah Mahboob, Sabrina Perry, Alex Adams, and Gary S. Goldfield. “Adolescence and young adulthood are vulnerable periods in which mental health challenges often emerge. Cross-sectional… Continue Reading

Webinar: Updates and Overview

Register to attend the live training webinar, “ Updates and Overview.” Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 Time: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. (EST) No Fee. Speakers: Barbara Bavis, Bibliographic and Research Instruction Librarian, Law Library of Congress; Robert Brammer, Chief, Office of External Relations, Law Library of Congress Learning outcomes: is the official website… Continue Reading

Generative Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Law

CRS Legal Sidebar – Generative Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Law. February 24, 2023: “Recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) are raising new questions about how copyright law  principles such as authorship, infringement, and fair use will apply to content created or used by AI. So-called “generative AI” computer programs—such as Open AI’s DALL-E 2 and… Continue Reading

Visualizing Firearm Mortality and Law Effects

Visualizing Firearm Mortality and Law Effects – An Interactive Web-Based Tool by Andrew R. Morral, Terry L. Schell, Theo Jacobs, Rosanna Smart “The RAND Corporation launched the Gun Policy in America initiative in January 2016 with the goal of creating objective, factual resources for policymakers and the public on the effects of gun laws. As… Continue Reading

Search engine manipulation to spread pro-Kremlin propaganda

Misinformation Review – Harvard Kennedy School – “The Kremlin’s use of bots and trolls to manipulate the recommendation algorithms of social media platforms is well-documented by many journalists and researchers. However pro-Kremlin manipulation of search engine algorithms has rarely been explored. We examine pro-Kremlin attempts to manipulate search engine results by comparing backlink and keyphrase… Continue Reading