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Daily Archives: February 20, 2023

Free PDF of Dennis Kennedy’s Innovation Outcomes in Law Book

Dennis Kennedy Blog: “I’ve decided that I want as many people as possible to read my book, Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations, so I’m now making it available as a FREE PDF download –  Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law – 2023 PDF Version. If you like the book and PDF is not the best format for you (or you want to support the author), you can still buy the book in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon. I thought that giving this version of the book away was a great way to celebrate the 20th blogiversary of DennisKennedy.Blog and promote my new Law Department Innovation Library. Enjoy the free book and let everyone you know who might be interested in it (or need it) that it is now available in this Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law – 2023 PDF Version.”

Political Declaration on Responsible Military Use of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance – February 16, 2023. – Declaration “An increasing number of States are developing military AI capabilities, which may include using AI to enable autonomous systems. Military use of AI can and should be ethical, responsible, and enhance international security. Use of AI in armed… Continue Reading

Why Is the Amazon So Important for Climate Change?

Scientific American: “Here’s why the Amazon rain forest is key to protecting Earth from the detrimental effects of climate change…The Amazon’s sheer size—it covers nearly seven million square kilometers, or about the area of Australia—makes it shine on the climate stage. With so many trees covering such an enormous swath of land, everything the forest… Continue Reading

The return to the office could be the real reason for the slump in productivity

Fortune – Here’s the data to prove it: “The return to office looks like it’s going backward. After office occupancy rose to over 50.4% in late January, it dropped to 45.6% by early February before recovering slightly to 48.6%. That’s despite many business leaders trying to get their employees back to the office in an… Continue Reading

Libraries model sustainability

Connaway, L. S., Doyle, B., Cyr, C., Gallagher, P., & Cantrell, J. (2023). “Libraries model sustainability”: The results of an OCLC survey on library contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals. IFLA Journal, 0(0). “A survey of more than 1700 library staff worldwide identifies how libraries contribute to five of the United Nations Sustainable Development… Continue Reading

Top Risks in Cybersecurity 2023

Bipartisan Policy Institute – Top Risks in Cybersecurity 2023 – “The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) convened a working group of leaders to strengthen America’s cybersecurity. The group’s approach was to identify the nation’s top cybersecurity risks to raise awareness so policymakers and businesses can take pragmatic action and invest in countermeasures. In assembling the working… Continue Reading

Piano Music She Wrote

“Pianists Sandra Mogensen and Erica Sipes have known each other on Twitter for more than a decade. When they finally met in person in early 2020, they decided to pursue their shared interest in helping people explore the world of piano music composed by women. In order to make it easy to find this repertoire,… Continue Reading