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6 things ChatGPT can’t do (and another 20 it refuses to do)

ZDNET: “Ever since ChatGPT and the other generative AI applications have exploded onto the scene, we’ve been exploring what we could do with them. I’ve even shown you how ChatGPT can write a fully functional WordPress plugin and help me find answers to tech support problems. Recently, I showed you how ChatGPT can convert writing into different styles, including that of Shakespeare, C3PO, and Harry Potter. It seems like ChatGPT can do anything. But it can’t. In this article, we’ll explore the many things ChatGPT won’t or can’t do. Stay tuned to the end, because we’ll look at some of the implications and what these limits mean for future growth in generative AI. As I’ve done in my other ChatGPT articles, my writing is in plain and bold text, while any ChatGPT answers will be displayed in italic text…”

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