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Daily Archives: November 8, 2021

Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, November 7, 2021

Via LLRXPete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, November 7, 2021 – Privacy and security issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis Pete Weiss highlights articles and information that focus on the increasingly complex and wide ranging ways technology is used to compromise and diminish our privacy and security, often without our situational awareness. Four highlights from this week: The U.S. Blacklists Makers of Cops’ Favorite iPhone Hacking Tool; 10 Privacy Settings Every Amazon User Should Enable Right Now; Experts Sound Alarm On ‘Stalkerware,’ Which Can Easily Be Downloaded On Your Phone Without You Knowing; and A Drone Tried to Disrupt the Power Grid. It Won’t Be the Last.

The Most-Cited Legal Scholars Revisited

The Most-Cited Legal Scholars Revisited. Fred R. Shapiro @UChiLRev Volume 88.7 (November 2021): “This Essay presents a list of the fifty most-cited legal scholars of all time, intending to spotlight individuals who have had a very notable impact on legal thought and institutions. Because citation counting favors scholars who have had long careers, I supplement… Continue Reading

5 Powerful Free Apps to Make Screenshots Look Better and Search Their Text

MakeUseOf: “From beautifying screenshots with simple tricks to making their text searchable, these free tools will help you take better screenshots, then manage and edit them. Taking a screenshot is almost second nature to content creators, social media managers, designers, marketers, product managers, and developers. It serves many uses, such as simple annotations, quick demonstrations,… Continue Reading

Why COVID-19 Probably Killed More People Than We Realize

Harvard Business Working Knowledge: “Millions of people around the world have died from COVID-19, according to government records, but research by Ethan Rouen, George Serafeim, and Botir Kobilov suggests that the actual number could be much higher. As the number of casualties from COVID-19 ballooned at an alarming rate last year, some feared that government… Continue Reading

When to Test offers free online tool to help individuals make informed COVID-19 testing decisions

NIH: “Demand is increasing for COVID-19 testing among individuals and families, especially as winter approaches and people shift to indoor activities. The National Institutes of Health’s Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative today announced the launch of the When To Test Calculator for Individuals, a companion to the version for organizations introduced last winter. By responding… Continue Reading

Gorgeous Fall Foliage Has Arrived in DC

Washingtonian – This is the week for leaf-peeping in the District: “Foliage has been late to arrive this year, largely because of a warmer-than-normal fall. Thankfully, the wait is over: Colorful leaves can finally be seen all around the District. To top it off, the weather in DC is slated to be gorgeous this week,… Continue Reading

Study Warns of ‘Educational Gag Orders’

Inside Higher Education: “A new report from PEN America, “Educational Gag Orders: Legislative Restrictions on the Freedom to Read, Learn, and Teach,” says that in the first nine months of 2021, 24 state legislatures introduced 54 bills that would restrict the teaching and training of subjects including race in K-12 schools, higher education or state… Continue Reading

How behavioral science could get people back into public libraries

Fast Company: “…“Behavioral science really asks, how do people make decisions in conditions of complexity?” says Katharine Meyer, a doctoral candidate in education policy, and a research affiliate for Nudge. “Everybody wants their kid to do well and have every opportunity to explore their interests,” she says—but some families face more constraints than others, like… Continue Reading

Governance of Geoengineering: A Global Issue in Search of a Global Solution

American Bar Association, Matt Ruth– “Dumping iron particles into the open ocean; spraying reflective aerosols from a set of balloons into the atmosphere—these ideas may sound benign, but they are examples of attempts to experiment with geoengineering. Geoengineering involves making deliberate, large-scale changes to the Earth’s environment and covers a broad range of technologies. Proposed… Continue Reading