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Daily Archives: November 1, 2021

LLRX Articles and Columns for October 2021

Articles and Columns for October 2021 asks FTC to investigate business practices of Lexis and Westlaw

Via Mary Whisner: “Public.Resource.Org filed a submission to the FTC on Friday asking the FTC to investigate business practices of Lexis and West (i.e., Thomson Reuters and Westlaw).  The submission and supporting declarations are very interesting—both because we use the products all the time and because the assertions of copyright and other business practices are… Continue Reading

EEOC Religious Accommodation Request Form

Eric B. Meyer / The Employer Handbook – “Earlier this week, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provided additional information on religious objections to workplace vaccine requirements to its growing technical assistance manual. Thank you. But, yesterday, one of the EEOC Commissioners emailed me the actual form that the EEOC uses to process religious accommodation… Continue Reading

The Uselessness of Useful Knowledge

Quanta Magazine – Today’s powerful but little-understood artificial intelligence breakthroughs echo past examples of unexpected scientific progress. According to the prominent AI researcher Ali Rahimi and others, today’s fashionable neural networks and deep learning techniques are based on a collection of tricks, topped with a good dash of optimism, rather than systematic analysis. Modern engineers,… Continue Reading

Celebrate National Medical Librarians Month (NMLM)

“The work of medical librarians should be recognized throughout the year, but October is our official month of observance and celebration. Be sure to take some time, during this month especially, to illustrate to those in your institution your value and the positive impact of having a health sciences information professional on staff. Use this year’s theme, Avoid Misinformation! Take the Right… Continue Reading

Is talking to strangers on the Internet making us crazy?

Adjacent Possible – Steven Johnson: “…The first is that the follow/fan dynamic is not the only kind of stranger interaction that the social media age has greatly amplified. There has also been a staggering increase in casual, drive-by encounters with random people online—and most importantly, with the ideas and opinions of other people. Every single… Continue Reading