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Monthly Archives: September 2021

NSA, CISA publish guide for securing VPN servers

The Record: “The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have published today technical guidance on properly securing VPN servers used by organizations to allow employees remote access to internal networks. The NSA said it put together the nine-page guide [PDF] after “multiple nation-state advanced persistent threat (APT) actors” weaponized… Continue Reading

Justice Navigator, a tool to help police departments and communities make changes backed by data to reduce racial disparities in policing

“What is the Justice Navigator? It is now clearer than ever that Black and Brown communities and other traditionally marginalized people have been subject to greater burden and harm by police than others. But those different experiences have too often been ignored or disputed. The Justice Navigator assessment shows where there are racial disparities in… Continue Reading

Bye Google: 7 privacy-first search engines everyone should try

Fast Company: “Even if you have nothing to hide, searching the web with Google can sometimes feel unnerving. Maybe you’ve got a medical question or financial concern that you’d rather keep to yourself, or you want to research a product that won’t later become fodder for targeted ads. In all those cases, it’s nice to… Continue Reading

GPO and Law Library of Congress Make Volumes of Nation’s Most Treasured Publications Digitally Available

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), in collaboration with the Law Library of Congress, has digitized and made available volumes of the United States Congressional Serial Set on GPO’s govinfo, the one-stop shop to information published by the Federal Government. The release comes as part of a large decade-long partnership to digitize more than 15,000… Continue Reading

Study: Climate change is disproportionately affecting children

PhysOrg: “International research led by Prof. Wim Thiery of the VUB research group BCLIMATE shows that children are to face disproportional increases in lifetime extreme event exposure—especially in low-income countries. Under current climate policy, newborns across the globe will on average face seven times more scorching heatwaves during their lives than their grandparents. In addition,… Continue Reading

How Can We Help To Free Legal Research From Algorithmic Bias?

RIPS Law Librarian, Stephanie Farne: “…While the bias in an AI powered search in any context is deeply troubling, looking at algorithmic bias in the context of legal research is even more disturbing. In ALR class, students work with hypothetical research problems. I paused to think – What about potential AI bias in real world legal… Continue Reading

Can You Delete Yourself From the Internet? Yes – Here’s How

Make Use Of: “One of the major tradeoffs for access to the digital world is privacy. Unfortunately, you can never completely delete yourself from the internet, simply because you’d have to find every photo, video, tweet, mention, comment, shopping order, to name a few, and delete them. However, there are ways to minimize your online… Continue Reading

OMG! My Boss Just Friended Me: How Evaluations of Colleagues’ Disclosure, Gender, and Rank Shape Personal/Professional Boundary Blurring Online

Rothbard, Nancy, Lakshmi Ramarajan, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre, and Serenity Lee. “OMG! My Boss Just Friended Me: How Evaluations of Colleagues’ Disclosure, Gender, and Rank Shape Personal/Professional Boundary Blurring Online.” Academy of Management Journal (forthcoming). (Pre-published online, December 30, 2020.) “We propose and test a relational boundary blurring framework, examining how employees’ evaluations of colleagues’ characteristics drive… Continue Reading

The boss may be watching long after the pandemic ends

Keystroke tracking, screenshots, and facial recognition: “What workers should know about corporate surveillance software as companies consider permanent remote work policies…Workers have little power to control how and when they’re being monitored, especially if they are using work-issued devices. Experts advise workers to assume they are being monitored if they’re in the office or using… Continue Reading