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GPO and Law Library of Congress Make Volumes of Nation’s Most Treasured Publications Digitally Available

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), in collaboration with the Law Library of Congress, has digitized and made available volumes of the United States Congressional Serial Set on GPO’s govinfo, the one-stop shop to information published by the Federal Government. The release comes as part of a large decade-long partnership to digitize more than 15,000 volumes and more than 9.4 million pages of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set back to the first volume, which was published in 1817. GPO and the Law Library began this digitization effort two years ago. This first public release contains selected volumes from the 69th Congress (1925–1927), the 82nd Congress (1951–1953), and several 19th century Congresses. The public can access these volumes of the Serial Set on govinfo at Some notable information available in this release includes:

  • Plans for the District of Columbia, including the extension of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal;
  • Resolutions relative to slavery, the slave-trade, and the emancipation of slaves; and
  • The Teapot Dome scandal.
  • The remaining 15,118 volumes will be released throughout the next ten years…”

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