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Daily Archives: September 7, 2021

Best eReaders for every type of book lover

PopSci: “The latest and greatest ebook readers cram an entire library of content into one device that’s as easy to read as it is to carry. The best eReader is more than a convenient way to carry an entire collection of James Paterson novels onto an airplane. Today’s eReaders are sophisticated tablets capable of displaying text and images in a wide variety of eye-friendly ways. The screens are stunning, with sharp text that looks just like real ink and paper. These displays separate eReaders from tablets, making them the best way to read digital books. With advances in e-ink tech and touch screens, the problems of first-generation eReaders are all but gone. There are no more weird visual artifacts and lag when turning a page. You won’t need to struggle with dark screens that are impossible to see at night. And unlike the early 2000s, you have more than one or two eReaders to choose from. But with so many eReaders on the market, it can be difficult to find the device that suits your needs and your reading habits. Do you want an eReader with a clean, simple interface? Do you want an eReader with a lot of file options? Do you want an eReader for teens or younger children? Today’s best eReaders are friendly and inviting. They not only encourage reading but provide services and apps you won’t find on traditional smartphones and tablets. With the best eReader, you’ll access books, audiobooks, magazines, and more in a format dedicated to useability and your eyes…”

Animals ‘shapeshifting’ in response to climate crisis, research finds

The Guardian: “Animals are increasingly “shapeshifting” because of the climate crisis, researchers have said. Warm-blooded animals are changing their physiology to adapt to a hotter climate, the scientists found. This includes getting larger beaks, legs and ears to better regulate their body temperature. When animals overheat, birds use their beaks and mammals use their ears… Continue Reading

Predicting, Managing, and Preparing for Disasters Like Hurricane Ida

National Academies: “…Today, communities across Louisiana and Southeastern coasts are emerging from the shadow of Hurricane Ida. The storm has left New Orleans without power, surrounding areas flooded, and thousands evacuated from their homes. Since Hurricane Katrina swept through Louisiana almost exactly 16 years ago, the National Academies have helped produce scientific insights and recommendations… Continue Reading

Here’s a List of Colleges That Require Students or Employees to Be Vaccinated Against Covid-19

The Chronicle of Higher Education: “As colleges begin the fall semester, they’re deciding whether to require — or just strongly encourage — students to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Below is a map showing the locations of colleges that are requiring vaccines of at least some students or employees. The states are color-coded based on how… Continue Reading

Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

Hannah Ritchie, Edouard Mathieu, Lucas Rodés-Guirao, Cameron Appel, Charlie Giattino, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina, Joe Hasell, Bobbie Macdonald, Diana Beltekian and Max Roser (2020) – “Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)”. Published online at Retrieved from: ‘’ [Online Resource] “Coronavirus Country Profiles – We built 207 country profiles which allow you to explore the statistics on the coronavirus pandemic… Continue Reading

Companies Need More Workers. Why Do They Reject Millions of Résumés?

WSJ – “Automated-hiring systems are excluding many people from job discussions at a time when additional employees are desperately needed. Companies are desperate to hire, and yet some workers still can’t seem to find jobs. Here may be one reason why: The software that sorts through applicants deletes millions of people from consideration. Employers today… Continue Reading