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Monthly Archives: October 2019

10 Little-Known Corners of the Deep Web You Might Actually Like

MakeUseOf: “The dark web doesn’t have a great reputation. Dodgy online marketplaces, criminal gangs, terrorist groups—it sounds like the type of place that only the most troubled members of society would want to hang out. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, that type of content exists. But there are also plenty… Continue Reading

US Dept of Interior to ground its drones over Chinese spying risk

cnet: “The US Department of the Interior is grounding its fleet of more than 800 aerial drones over concerns about Chinese spying and cyberattacks. The fleet will remain grounded until a full review is completed by Secretary David Bernhardt, the department said Thursday. However, drones being used for emergency rescues and disasters will remain in… Continue Reading

Website privacy options aren’t much of a choice since they’re hard to find and use

The Conversation: “You’ve probably encountered a pair of shoes that won’t stop following you around the internet, appearing in advertisements on different sites for weeks. Today, the vast majority of advertising is targeted – that is, you see an ad because an advertiser thinks that you, specifically, might be interested in what they have to… Continue Reading

Think Like a Client – Understanding what clients want and expect from their lawyers is imperative

Logan Cornett, Inst. for the Advancement of the Am. Legal Sys., Univ. of Denver, Think Like a Client (October 2019 – 32 page PDF), “Understanding what clients want and expect from their lawyers is imperative for the provision of high-quality legal services, as well as for lawyers’ success in the legal profession. Furthermore, there exists a… Continue Reading

Software As a Profession

Choi, Bryan H., Software As a Profession (2019). Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Vol. 33, 2020, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: – “When software kills, what is the legal responsibility of the software engineer? Discussions of software liability have avoided assessing the duties of “reasonable care” of those who write software for a living. Instead,… Continue Reading

Reimagining the Legal Function

Artificial Lawyer – “If you’re in any doubt that legal functions are facing a need for radical change, then consider these three statistics from our recent study of 1,000 in-house legal departments worldwide.  First, 87% of respondents say their legal function has seen either a large or moderate rise in demand over the past five years. Second, against the background of this… Continue Reading

DNA database used to find Golden State Killer national security leak waiting to happen

MIT Technology Review: “A private DNA ancestry database that’s been used by police to catch criminals is a security risk from which a nation-state could steal DNA data on a million Americans, according to security researchers. Security flaws in the service, called GEDmatch, not only risk exposing people’s genetic health information but could let an… Continue Reading

The Complicated Role of the Modern Public Library

Magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities: “There aren’t many truly public places left in America. Most of our shared spaces require money or a certain social status to access. Malls exist to sell people things. Museums discourage loiterers. Coffee shops expect patrons to purchase a drink or snack if they want to enjoy the… Continue Reading

Lumber Salvaged from Baltimore’s Row Houses and City Trees Creates Jobs and Cuts Wood Waste

TheCityFix: “Baltimore, like many post-industrial cities, confronts novel challenges. Once the sixth largest city in the U.S., Baltimore’s population has contracted by more than a third, resulting from a complex suite of factors including job loss, economic decline, and discriminatory policies or housing and lending practices. It’s estimated that at least 16,000 buildings in Baltimore are boarded up; most are slated for demolition. But… Continue Reading