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Think Like a Client – Understanding what clients want and expect from their lawyers is imperative

Logan Cornett, Inst. for the Advancement of the Am. Legal Sys., Univ. of Denver, Think Like a Client (October 2019 – 32 page PDF),

“Understanding what clients want and expect from their lawyers is imperative for the provision of high-quality legal services, as well as for lawyers’ success in the legal profession. Furthermore, there exists a well-established and frequently lamented gap between the legal needs of the public and the provision of legal services from the profession. While we have anecdotal evidence that presents glimpses of answers to our questions about what clients value, there is a dearth of empirical evidence to support firm conclusions. IAALS’ Think Like a Client project represents a first step for the profession in developing a comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of what is important to clients. We worked with—an entity dedicated to providing detailed information about lawyers so consumers can make the best choices for themselves when hiring lawyers—in obtaining more than a decade’s worth of client reviews of lawyers. Indeed, we started with nearly 700,000 reviews in our data set. After implementing a set of inclusion criteria and identifying a random sample of reviews, we conducted qualitative analysis on 2,232 client reviews. Our findings tell a story about what clients value in their lawyers, and that story includes far more than just traditional legal skills…”

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