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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property

Via Kris Kasianovitz, Government Information Librarian for International, State and Local Documents, Head, Social Sciences Resource Group, Green Library, 123E, Stanford, CA 94305 – “For those who work with State and Local government information (legal, regulatory, legislative, executive, etc. – that’s most of us, yea?) – you might want to tune in to this webcast or if you are in the DC area consider attending.

Carl Malamud had been taking on copyright of state legal materials (including standards and regulations)  for some time; he has won some important court cases on this issue – helping establish legal precedence on the issue of public domain of state and local government information. The case with Georgia which is over the “government edicts doctrine” has been dragging on for some time and is now before the Supreme Court (Docket # 18-1150, there’s a whole lotta briefs to read: – so this discussion is timely and should be very informative (in addition to the court’s opinion).


NYPL 2019 Best Books for Adults

“Welcome to the 2019 Best Books for Adults. The New York Public Library is a premier resource for connecting readers with great books, with a staff dedicated to spreading a love of reading and sharing their book expertise. Our librarians—through their experience recommending books to patrons and as readers themselves—have highlighted their picks for 100… Continue Reading

1,000 U.S. Government PowerPoint Slide Decks

Library of Congress Blog – The Signal: “The Digital Content Management section has been working to extract and make available sets of files from the Library’s significant Web Archives holdings. The outcome of the project is a series of web archive file datasets, each containing 1,000 files of related media types selected from .gov domains.… Continue Reading

Too Big to Govern Public Balance Sheet for the World’s Largest Store

Economic Roundtable: “Amazon is flourishing as a corporation. On good days in the stock market it is worth $1 trillion, making it most valuable company on the planet. Amazon has come of age financially. This report examines its standing as a socially accountable corporate citizen, with close attention to the impact of Amazon’s logistics operations… Continue Reading

America’s Champion Trees Announced

“It’s that time of year when American Forests unveils the latest National Register of Champion Trees—a listing of the largest and most impressive trees in the United States. This year’s National Register is spectacular. It includes nearly 700 champions. We are grateful to the public participants who search for America’s giant trees throughout the year,… Continue Reading

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson broadly rejects absolutist claims of executive power

Washington Post: “In her ruling that Don McGahn must comply with a congressional subpoena, U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of Washington goes to great lengths to illustrate how far out on a constitutional limb President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr have crawled with their absolutist claims of executive power. Jackson invokes “Animal Farm”… Continue Reading

UN Global Outlook Report 2019

“The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and UN Climate Change (UNFCCC) have been working together since 2014 to support countries in developing their national climate plans –Nationally Determined Contributions for the Paris Agreement or NDCs.” – The Heat is On – Taking Stock of Global Climate Ambition – “So far, temperatures are already up about 1.0°C… Continue Reading

What should newsrooms do about deepfakes? These three things, for starters

NeimanLab – Three researchers argue the dangers of deepfakes are overblown, but they will still require journalists to give thought to how they handle unconfirmed information. “…While deepfakes might be novel in form, there’s good reason to be skeptical of their capacity to radically transform public discourse and opinion-forming. In part that’s because propagandists are… Continue Reading

Visualizing the November Democratic Debate

Center for Data Innovation: “Bloomberg has created a series of data visualizations illustrating the amount of time presidential candidates spent discussing topics in the most recent Democratic debate. The visualizations show that topics such as foreign policy and democracy replaced healthcare and gun control as the most discussed issues. In addition, the visualizations demonstrate that… Continue Reading