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Daily Archives: July 23, 2017

New on LLRX – Redesign of Google News evokes negative response

Via LLRXGoogle News’s new look sucks. Please let us revert if we want. Google recently redesigned and relaunched Google News. For ‘power users’, the site’s new design and navigation has not been a welcome change as David Rothman directly articulates in his article.

New on LLRX – The Real “Black Box” Dilemma of Legacy Legal Research Tools

Via LLRX – The Real “Black Box” Dilemma of Legacy Legal Research Tools – Andrew Arruda, CEO/Co-founder of ROSS Intelligence talks about how new artificial intelligent methods currently under development to leverage deep learning and neural nets will be game changers in the area of legal research. Continue Reading

Google Maps tells you the best time to start your journey

“Time your departure time wrong, and even the simplest of journeys can end up taking far longer than it was meant to. Hit traffic, and your journey time could be doubled — or worse. A new feature of Google Maps aims to eliminate this problem.  The nameless feature is rolling out to the Google Maps… Continue Reading

RAND Report: The Russian “Firehose of Falsehood” Propaganda Model

The Russian “Firehose of Falsehood” Propaganda Model – Why It Might Work and Options to Counter It, by Christopher Paul and Miriam Matthews, RAND Corporation “Since its 2008 incursion into Georgia (if not before), there has been a remarkable evolution in Russia’s approach to propaganda. The country has effectively employed new dissemination channels and messages… Continue Reading

Memory Hole posts Tweets deleted by Scaramucci

MemoryHole2: “Immediately after Anthony Scaramucci was named White House communications director on July 21, 2017, Josh Billinson discovered two tweets critical of Trump. After Billinson tweeted about them, Scaramucci blocked him (temporarily) and deleted the tweets. Soon after, it became apparent that Scaramucci was deleting more tweets, leading numerous outlets to report on this. I’ve… Continue Reading

Digital Counties Survey 2017: Winners Focus on Knowing When, How to Introduce New Tech

“County government is increasingly leading the way when it comes to deploying technologies that matter to everyday citizens. Where innovation and out-of-the-box thinking used to fall to bigger, better-funded state IT agencies and the private sector, regional governments have turned their focus to being more adaptable and responsive to the technology needs of their constituents.… Continue Reading

The Fragile States Index

“The Fragile States Index is based on a conflict assessment framework – known as “CAST” – that was developed by FFP nearly a quarter-century ago for assessing the vulnerability of states to collapse. The CAST framework was designed to measure this vulnerability in pre-conflict, active conflict and post-conflict situations, and continues to be used widely… Continue Reading

How expensive is it to rent in DC – an overview of costs by neighborhood

Via Curbed – Logan Circle and Shaw are the priciest neighborhoods for renting right now: “At the moment, Washington, D.C. is ranked as the fifth most expensive U.S. city for renting, beating out Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. Neighborhood by neighborhood, real estate website Zumper has broken down the numbers for renters to know which… Continue Reading

Salmon caught in Puget found to contain cocaine, antidepressants, pain relievers

81 drugs and personal-care products were detected in the flesh of salmon caught in the Puget Sound. “Salmon is purported to be one of the healthiest foods due to its high omega-3 content, protein, and essential fatty acids, but if the fish is obtained from the Puget Sound, it is anything but healthy. According to… Continue Reading

Science concurs with librarians about value of reading actual books – “It’s no secret that reading is good for you. Just six minutes of reading is enough to reduce stress by 68%, and numerous studies have shown that reading keeps your brain functioning effectively as you age. One study even found that elderly individuals who read regularly are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than their peers. But not… Continue Reading

Tweets of Congress: Output from 1000+ accounts for any given day

Data Driven Jounalism – “Tweets of Congress is a project collating the daily Twitter output of both houses of the United States Congress, encompassing the accounts of members, political parties, committees and caucuses (around 1,070 accounts in total). There are two components to the project: a backend app for data collection and serialization and a… Continue Reading