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Daily Archives: July 5, 2017

UK’s Independent Factchecking Site

Full Fact is the UK’s independent factchecking charity. We provide free tools, information and advice so that anyone can check the claims we hear from politicians and the media…In its short history, Full Fact has significantly improved the accuracy of public debate. We publish factchecks and secure corrections, but we also champion a culture in which the public figures are held to higher standards of transparency and accountability.” Users may conduct subject matter specific searches on key issues:

USDA’s Local Food Directories

“USDA’s Local Food Directories help you locate farmers markets, on-farm markets, CSAs, and food hubs. The directories are managed and operated by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), a USDA agency with the core mission of facilitating the fair and efficient marketing of U.S. agricultural products. From customers looking to buy fresh local foods for their… Continue Reading

Esri Demographics – data focuses on diversity of US population

“Esri offers comprehensive demographic, lifestyle segmentation, consumer spending, and business content for a variety of geographic levels in the United States for use in analyzing markets and consumers, identifying underserved communities, and formulating better business decisions and policy decisions. Much of this information can be accessed as ready-to-use map layers in the Demographics and Lifestyle… Continue Reading

Largest nuclear arsenals in the world

(Stockholm, 3 July 2017) “The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) today launches its annual nuclear forces data, which highlights the current trends and developments in world nuclear arsenals. The data shows that while the overall number of nuclear weapons in the world continues to decline, all of the nuclear weapon-possessing states are in the… Continue Reading

POGO – FOIA Turns 51: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Via POGO: [On July 4, 2017] “the Act quietly turns 51, compared to last year’s celebration at the signing of the FOIA Improvement Act by then-President Obama. The FOIA Improvement Act included some great updates to the landmark access-to-information law, like improved requirements for agencies to proactively post documents online and a new standard of… Continue Reading

Google’s new report on workplace diversity confirms lack of diversity

There are quite a few similarly titled articles that all directly and concisely state the facts about diversity in Google’s US workforce – it is overwhelmingly male and white – 70% of the more than 46,000 employees are male, and more than 62% are white males. The company’s current diversity report focuses on demographic areas… Continue Reading

Trump’s fraud commission demanded all states deliver personal voter info – Not!

Follow up to previous postings – States reject demand to provide all voter personal info to Trump election fraud commission – via Axios: “Since the earliest days of his administration, President Trump has insisted that there was massive voter fraud in the 2016 election. Last week, his commission on election integrity contacted all 50 states… Continue Reading