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Using ChatGPT for homework is correlated with memory loss and bad grades

Fast Company: “The world is all abuzz about ChatGPT and the transformative powers it offers, but a new study published in the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education warns that generative AI may not be a great tool for students. Study author Muhammad Abbas, an associate professor at the FAST School of Management at the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in Pakistan, told PsyPost that his inspiration for the research was based on his experiences as a professor. “For the last year, I observed an increasing, uncritical, reliance on generative-AI tools among my students for various assignments and projects . . . ” The researchers first developed a scale to measure ChatGPT use. Then they surveyed 494 university students in Pakistan on how much they used ChatGPT academically, their academic performance, procrastination, and memory loss. They conducted these surveys three times at an interval of one to two weeks…”

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