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US House Bans Staffers From Using Microsoft Copilot at Work

PCMag: “The US House has reportedly banned staffers from using Microsoft Copilot on any government-owned devices. According to Axios, House Chief Administrative Officer Catherine Szpindor sent a memo to congressional officers telling them that the AI chatbot is prohibited from use of government-owned devices, “due to the threat of leaking House data to non-House approved cloud services.” Copilot “will be removed from and blocked on all House Windows devices.” House users were prohibited from using the free version of ChatGPT on government-owned devices last year; however, they are still able to use ChatGPT Plus for research purposes. Copilot is an AI chatbot developed by Microsoft that launched earlier this year. Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Copilot can be used to conduct research or even create content for users. In response, Microsoft told Axios that it understands the government’s need for higher security requirements in the software that it uses. In the future, the company plans to launch a number of tools with higher security measures intended for government use, including an Azure OpenAI service for classified workloads as well as a new version of Microsoft 365’s Copilot assistant.”

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