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Unsure if a link is safe?

PCWorld – Use these anti-phishing tools to check: “A friend emails you a strange-looking link. Your mom sends you a text with an unknown website. A social media post promotes a new page. You might wonder about how safe it is to click these links…and then blank out on where you can turn to for a second opinion. Previously, you’d have to ask a trusted friend — but now, more free online services have begun cropping up to help you avoid phishing scams. Here’s how they work: You input a web address, questionable message or email, or even a screenshot of a QR code, and the tool checks for phishing attempts or malware lurking on the other side. These days, it’s important to be wary of sites that host malware, since just visiting a site can trigger a “drive-by download” attack — that is, malicious code could automatically be downloaded and/or executed on your PC. You don’t need to manually start the download for that to happen…”

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