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Ask AI How Many Jobs Is Your Job

Medium – Debbie Levitt – “Credit for today’s article goes to the genius idea from Feridoon Malekzadeh and his January 2024 LinkedIn post where he gave ChatGPT a wildly long job description. He asked ChatGPT, “How big of a design team would I need to hire to do all of this work? Suggest team size, structure, number of managers, etc.” ChatGPT suggested a team of 17–22 people for what was listed as a single open job as “Director, Branding Design — SVP.” ChatGPT suggested:

  • One Creative Director/Head of Branding
  • Two or Three Senior Brand Strategists
  • Three or Four Senior Designers
  • Four or Five Mid-Level Designers
  • Two or Three Junior Designers
  • Two Design Managers to oversee all of these Designers.
  • Two Project Managers with an additional Project Management Lead
  • Two Copywriters
  • One or Two Web/Animation Specialists

I pasted the same job description into, who was more conservative about team size with a team of at least six. Prompt: “I’m pasting a request for a worker, but I suspect that this company needs more than one person to do these tasks. Please analyze this job description. Tell me how many people you would need to do this job well, and what their titles would be.” Claude suggested:

  • SVP, Design Director
  • VP, Creative Director
  • Two or three Senior or Mid-Level Visual Designers
  • Two or more Junior Designers, scale up as needed

Feridoon’s idea is great! Companies love to try to hire one person to do the work of two, four, six, or maybe 17. This often comes with being set up to fail, having a moving target of priorities, and all of your teams and projects thinking you’re not good or fast enough. Probably all with an unfortunate stream of gaslighting and eventual burnout…”

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