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Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers

Futurism: “We asked them about it — and they deleted everything…Regardless, the AI content marks a staggering fall from grace for Sports Illustrated, which in past decades won numerous National Magazine Awards for its sports journalism and published work by literary giants ranging from William Faulkner to John Updike. But now that it’s under the management of The Arena Group, parts of the magazine seem to have devolved into a Potemkin Village in which phony writers are cooked up out of thin air, outfitted with equally bogus biographies and expertise to win readers’ trust, and used to pump out AI-generated buying guides that are monetized by affiliate links to products that provide a financial kickback when readers click them. Making the whole thing even more dubious, these AI-generated personas are periodically scrubbed from existence in favor of new ones…”

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