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Report – AI in the Public Interest: Confronting the Monopoly Threat

“The Open Markets Institute and the Center for Journalism and Liberty at Open Markets on November 15, 2023, published a major new report, AI in the Public Interest: Confronting the Monopoly Threat. The report shows how just a handful of Big Tech companies – by exploiting existing monopoly power and aggressively co-opting other actors – have already positioned themselves to control the future of artificial intelligence and magnify many of the worst problems of the digital age.  These problems include the spread of misinformation and distortion of political debate, the decline of news and journalism, the undermining of compensation for creative work, exploitation of workers and consumers, monopolistic abuse of smaller businesses and challengers, amplified surveillance advertising and online addiction, and the threat to resilience and security from extreme concentration. With this report, we seek to bring together two debates that have largely been kept separate thus far: the promise and perils of generative AI, and of the harms of monopoly power in the digital age. Our report examines how existing antitrust, competition and other laws can be wielded to correct these problems and ensure AI works in the public interest, and helps to strengthen democracy, rather than chip away at it.”

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