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Revolutionary New Google Feature Hidden Under ‘More’ Tab Shows Links to Web Pages

404 Media: “After launching a feature that adds more AI junk than ever to search results, Google is experimenting with a radical new feature that lets users see only the results they were looking for, in the form of normal text links. As in, what most people actually use Google for. “We’ve launched a new ‘Web’ filter that shows only text-based links, just like you might filter to show other types of results, such as images or videos,” the official Google Search Liaison Twitter account, run by Danny Sullivan, posted on Tuesday. The option will appear at the top of search results, under the “More” option. “We’ve added this after hearing from some that there are times when they’d prefer to just see links to web pages in their search results, such as if they’re looking for longer-form text documents, using a device with limited internet access, or those who just prefer text-based results shown separately from search features,” Sullivan wrote. “If you’re in that group, enjoy!”…

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