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Opposing Attempts to Criminalize Librarianship through State Obscenity Laws

EveryLibrary Institute: “In 2023-2024, we anticipate that many legislators whose bills failed the last session will reintroduce language in this session and anti-access activists will be inspired to sponsor their own regressive initiatives. The EverLibrary Institute is releasing a new Policy Brief “Opposing Attempts to Criminalize Libraries and Education Through State Obscenity Laws” to help state library associations anticipate this legislation and prepare properly to oppose unnecessary politicized changes to settled state law. The Policy Brief has eight sections. Register now to get the link to download the full report.

  • Setting the Framework
  • Overview of Library and Educator Exemptions in State Obscenity and Harmful to Minors Laws
  • Review of 2021-2022 State Legislation
    • Three Laws that Passed
    • Six Bills that Failed or Died
  • Contextualizing Legislation to Criminalize Librarians and Educators
  • Recommendations for Policy Coalitions and Advocacy
    • With elected officials, boards, and administrators concerned with the cost of risk management.
    • With unions and professional associations concerned with safeguarding the future of public sector work.
    • With LGBTQ stakeholders and allies concerned with the civil rights and dignity of individuals and families.
    • With good government and free expression stakeholders interested in limiting overreach.
    • With organizations that are concerned when religion and private morality intrude on the public sector
    • With stakeholders within the academic and publishing community who are impinged by obscenity allegations.
  • Review of Effective Messaging about Censorship
  • Support from EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute
  • Appendix of Current State Obscenity and Harmful to Minors Exemptions

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