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How to find the documents behind big legal cases

The Verge / Adi Robertson: “Earlier this year, I spent a month covering the trial for a dispute between Apple and Epic. The case was one of the biggest antitrust suits in recent memory, and it brought to light revelations about both companies and the larger tech industry, often in the form of legal filings. I (and other reporters) try to pick out the most relevant details from these filings for readers. But sometimes, the documents are worth checking out in their own right. A site called CourtListener makes that easier than it might sound — if you know how to look….

Maintained by the nonprofit Free Law Project, CourtListener hosts a free and open archive of millions of filings. It contains court opinions, audio of oral arguments from trials, and something called the RECAP archive — which is where you’ll find a lot of the most interesting material. That includes the long back-and-forth between Apple and Epic, government allegations like the cryptocurrency fraud claims against late antivirus tycoon John McAfee, and important legal decisions like a judge tossing the aforementioned Facebook antitrust suit…”

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