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How to Automate Repetitive Tasks in Google Sheets With Macros “Record a task, save that task, and run the task whenever you want. Macros are finally available to Google Sheets users. Macros allow you to automate repetitive tasks in documents and spreadsheets without having to learn to write code. They have been a core productivity tool in Microsoft Office for a long time. Excel users have long been able to use macros to save time and now you can bring the same time-saving benefits to Google Sheets. While Google Sheets has long allowed users to write their own Apps Script functions, macros open up this kind of functionality to all Google Sheets users—no coding experience required. Macros are particularly useful if you find yourself dealing with multiple sheets over and over with similar data or information. For instance, any kind of monthly trackers with elaborate functions to collate data will benefit from the of macros…”

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