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Ireland’s Open Data Portal

Ireland launches the third version of their national data portal DATA.GOV.IE – Promoting innovation and transparency through the publication of Irish Public Sector data in open, free and reusable formats.

“A new and improved version of the national Open Data portal, was recently launched. It is the third iteration of the portal now using CKAN version 2.8 and facilitating an improved administrative flow. While the portal still has a familiar look and feel for users, substantial upgrades were realised including backend processes, harvesting and usability of the site. The new portal is more user-friendly, responsive and secure than the previous version. Several improvements were made to the overall user experience, including improved geospatial previews for many data types, downloadable CSV exports from JSON-STAT datasets and updated pages for publishers and for showcases. All existing harvesters have been updated, resulting in the addition of over 700 datasets. Visit the improved Irish data portal”

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