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How an AI archive platform is helping a Victorian library keep up with data

ZDNet – A proof of concept has been built to remove the need to manually archive catalogues — a process that has been used for over the last 20 years. “Victoria’s Stonnington Libraries together with Civica have developed an artificial intelligence-based proof-of-concept solution to remove the manual work involved with cataloguing and searching through library archive databases. Civica developed the prototype solution using Azure Blob Storage to store the files, Azure Cognitive Services to create meta information of each file, and Microsoft AI to create a searchable catalogue. Initially, digital images such as photos, maps, scans, and sketches, as well as PDF-format text style documents, including minutes of meetings, flyers, newspapers, articles, and community group newsletters have been fed into the prototype digital archive. Prior to building this platform for the last 20 years, the library had been manually cataloguing its archive database…”

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