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Federal employee information was hacked – DOJ claims cyberattack victims not due compensation

Washington Post: “The Trump administration has asked a federal court to reconsider a ruling that opened the door for potential payments to millions of federal employees and others due to the cybertheft of their personal information. The Justice Department request, filed last week, involves what it calls “massive litigation” stemming from hacks of two government databases revealed in June 2015 but which occurred months earlier. One breach involved records on about 21.5 million federal, military and contractor personnel and others who had undergone background checks since about 2000, commonly to gain or renew security clearances. The other involved personnel records of about 4.2 million current and former federal employees. Overlap between the two brought the total affected to about 22.1 million. The American Federation of Government Employees is seeking a monetary award to victims under the Privacy Act, which provides for awards of at least $1,000 per individual if the government willfully fails to protect information on them that it holds…”

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