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Google: AI Potentially Breaking Reality Is a Feature Not a Bug

404 media: “Generative AI could “distort collective understanding of socio-political reality or scientific consensus,” and in many cases is already doing that, according to a new research paper from Google, one of the biggest companies in the world building, deploying, and promoting generative AI.  The paper, “Generative AI Misuse: A Taxonomy of Tactics and Insights from… Continue Reading

Considering the Ethics of AI Assistants

Tech Policy Press: “…Just a couple of weeks before Pichai took the stage, in April, Google DeepMind published a paper that boasts 57 authors, including experts from a range of disciplines from different parts of Google, including DeepMind, Jigsaw, and Google Research, as well as researchers from academic institutions such as Oxford, University College London,… Continue Reading

Cloudflare is taking a stand against AI website scrapers

engadget – “Cloudflare has released a new free tool that prevents AI companies’ bots from scraping its clients’ websites for content to train large language models. The cloud service provider is making this tool available to its entire customer base, including those on free plans. “This feature will automatically be updated over time as we… Continue Reading

Law Clerk vs. AI? Courthouse Test Highlights Judicial Curiosity

Bloomberg Law- Law Clerk vs. AI? Courthouse Test Highlights Judicial Curiosity [paywalled] [unpaywalled] “Law clerks and interns for federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez recently spent weeks poring over evidence from a high-profile trial on challenges to Texas’ voting and election laws, and then summarized key testimony for the court’s official findings of fact and conclusions of… Continue Reading

AI trains on kids’ photos even when parents use strict privacy settings

Ars Technica: “Human Rights Watch (HRW) continues to reveal how photos of real children casually posted online years ago are being used to train AI models powering image generators—even when platforms prohibit scraping and families use strict privacy settings. Last month, HRW researcher Hye Jung Han found 170 photos of Brazilian kids that were linked… Continue Reading

LLRX June 2024 Articles and Columns

Protecting the Vulnerable: Navigating Online Risks for Minors – Veronica Garrick PowerPoint Has Its Problems – Jerry Lawson AI in Banking and Finance, June 30, 2024 – This semi-monthly column by Sabrina I. Pacifici highlights news, government documents, NGO/IGO papers, industry white papers, academic papers and speeches on the subject of AI’s fast paced impact… Continue Reading

Quora’s Chatbot Platform Poe Allows Users to Download Paywalled Articles on Demand

Wired [unpaywalled]: “WIRED was able to download stories from publishers like The New York Times and The Atlantic using Poe’s Assistant bot. One expert calls it “prima facie copyright infringement,” which Quora disputes. Poe, an AI chatbot platform owned by the question-and-answer site Quora and backed by a $75 million Andreessen Horowitz investment, is providing… Continue Reading

The telltale words that could identify generative AI text

Ars Technica: “Thus far, even AI companies have had trouble coming up with tools that can reliably detect when a piece of writing was generated using a large language model. Now, a group of researchers has established a novel method for estimating LLM usage across a large set of scientific writing by measuring which “excess… Continue Reading

ChatGPT is bullshit

ChatGPT is bullshit. Michael Townsen Hicks, James Humphries. Ethics and Information Technology, June 8, 2024. Volume 26, article number 38. “Recently, there has been considerable interest in large language models: machine learning systems which produce human-like text and dialogue. Applications of these systems have been plagued by persistent inaccuracies in their output; these are… Continue Reading

Vox PopulAI: Lessons from a global law firm’s exploration of generative AI

Ashurst: “The speed at which organisations are adopting generative AI technology (GenAI) shows no sign of slowing. Business leaders in every industry are seeking to identify the best use cases for GenAI and where it can add the most value to their organisations. This is as true in law firms as it is in other… Continue Reading

AI in Finance and Banking June 30, 2024

Via LLRX – AI in Finance and Banking June 30, 2024 – This semi-monthly column by Sabrina I. Pacifici highlights news, government documents, NGO/IGO papers, industry white papers, academic papers and speeches on the subject of AI’s fast paced impact on the banking and finance sectors. The chronological links provided are to the primary sources, and… Continue Reading